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Event Preferences: Probably gonna try to nab smaller events and do some public events 
Other Notes: prolly gonna fill this in all in more depth later make it all a nice fancy dm thread

Are you currently running events, and if so, are you considering player requested events?: yeah prolly
Discord # or best means of contact: Saint of Ignorance#6692
Yo, willing to take a event or two. Warning: can only run events Wed/Thursday/Friday unless you want a event at degenerate hours
Character: Tethys Guldskratt
Which Event: Following Snaggletooth's Trail (Part 1)

Responsiveness: Some of the narrations could take a little - but that just meant they had more detail put into them usually. Responses were fairly paced, especially because he had to react to our unhinged weirdo behavior. I'd say good overall!
Balance: Some things that were either crazy or too much tended to be fixed in later rounds. Things eventually went smooth as they were felt out - anything that was obviously way too unfair voided a round or so. (That light move be hittin'!)
Storytelling: It was very, very fun. The characters felt real and we even got to bypass a fight because we scared the pants off of a gate-guard. I really felt like I was beating up a bunch of jerks.
Fairness: I GOT A TEMP BOO BAN THIS MAN. Nah, but overall the punishment was fair. Didn't particularly get the roll system, but I didn't find the need to, either. Killed a guy, got a temp in the process, fair enough!
Overall: It was fun, it was brief. It wasn't too dragged out and this event is chopped up into little pieces to make it easily digestible and good. Anything that was wrong or crazy was amended and with two people it wasn't too awful to feel out.
Character: Rhea Guldskratt
Which Event: Old Snaggletooth's Trail (Pt 1)

Responsiveness (Were their narrations posted within a reasonable time-frame and were they quick to respond?):
Very quick!!
Balance (How entertaining were the battles, and any obstacles/traps?):
For what I presume is one of their first times doing EC combat- pretty well done! A few hitches were had with lag and spell spam but that's not terribly unexpected and both the encounters were both fun and fairly close.
Storytelling (Did it feel like an adventure, did the content of the narrations meet your expectations?):
Absolutely- met my expectations and beyond.
Fairness (Were the punishments justified and earned, was the risk to reward ratio good?)
Felt fine and dandy! The rewards were neatly tied into the story of the adventure too, which was particularly cool.

Overall: duck/hen would Ack again 10/10
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