PowerjakePath to Redemption [Tower Event]
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As the land of Meranthe is continuously plagued by Necromancers, undead, witches, and other entities that harm the lifestream. Those of good heart and spirit must band together, in hopes of achieving some sort of peace. With the passing of many fine warriors and friends the past few years, Samuel Lightwood has decided to take it upon himself to lead a band of warriors into the tower of Aetius. In hopes of finding weapons, information, anything that could help them preserve the lifestream, and the world around them. Before it would be too late. If fine warriors of good heart were to step up and try to make change it would have to be now.

Character: Samuel Lightwood
Attendees: Warriors sworn to protect and uphold the value of the lifestream (2-3)
Risk: CoD(?)
Theme: Struggle, Plague, Apocalyptic, PerseverancePreservation
Rewards: Will discuss with DM
DM: anyone just reply here or dm me on discord Powerjake#0133
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