StarMannLost and Found
Your "adoptive" """Mother"""

[Image: zWr2hYX.png]

[Image: mNAWaSj.png]
Undead Champion
Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss
So much fighting it's unreal
Cares for you in her own kind of way
Building her humanity as she goes
Considers herself unbound
Notorious in two of the three major nations
"You are bad guy, but this does not mean you are bad guy"

A child of any race/heritage.
You were told you were taken in for your own benefit, to get you off the streets
Were found alone and "adopted" by the undead
Your relationship is somewhat strained but there seems to be care given to you, though how genuine it is remains to be confirmed
Constantly pushed to be stronger in the only way your "mother" knows how. Combat
Free to go in any direction you want from wanting to kill her to wanting nothing more to do with her

Contact StarMan#0001 if you're interested. This isn't something too structured and more of just an interesting jumping off point for a new character.

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