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Festival of Light & Tournament of Ascension

Every three years, in celebration of constant cultivation and self growth of ones mind, body and soul do we come together in this moment of shining glory to relieve ourselves of the stress of worldly affairs. To connect with the Light spiritually in meditation during a Meditation of Enlightenment practice within the Shrine of Solar Virtues.

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After the Meditation of Enlightenment has concluded all those in attendance are able to indulge themselves in conversation and the on site prepared food and drinks, during this time of relaxation as well as dancing and music should they feel up to it. Afterward the announcement for the Tournament of Ascension will be relayed to those present.

The Show of True Flame will also be held at this time before the Tournament is fully underway. So enjoy at your given leisure!

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The True Flame
(Music for the Entire Festival & Tournament)

The Show of True Flame consists of a Special Guest Appearance. Utilizing Illusionary Magic by a skilled Magi within The Chosen Flame. During this time a manifested visual Fire Swordsman will be showcasing the very epitome of Fire itself. Symbolizing the spirit of Fire and the movements of grace in Swordsmanship with...

The Blazing Blade.

Among those interested at this time they can partake in doing a commerative battle with the Illusion as a participant to the show to help further display this great moment of Fire.

(Three Accepted Fighters.)

Finally, after the Show of True Flame has been finished. The closing event will be the Tournament of Ascension.

Quote:"The Tournament of Ascension alongside the Festival of Light is what it is, a Tournament. For those willing to participate to showcase their strength. Rewards will be distributed to the given victors of First, Second and Third place accordingly. As for how this will be handled? It'll not be the standard One on One. No. It will be a duo effort, adding flavor and a unique feel to the combat that will allow for all whom participate to enjoy themselves and see things out of the ordinary."

- Solstice Suzuka 2018AC

Quote:"Community. Tradition. The bonds of neighbors and of the nations of men. In times of darkness, of bleakness and black magic run rampant, it is all the more important we delight in these values that we live our lives for. The reasons we rise in the morning with the Sun; whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. The little joys that make life worth living; food, show, sport, camaraderie. These things will- MUST be provided. So I implore all of Meranthe to come, open yourselves up, and enjoy an evening with us."

- Kohaku Kogeru 2022AC

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 Will be on the 1st or 2nd of December.[Image: SwES7N6.gif]
This will by a Triennial occurance.

Given past relations and issues with the state of the world during this time, for this event that should be ignored to some degree.


Vdalion is allowed. As long as those who come do not cause issues.

Aphros is allowed.

Menagerie is allowed.

The Coven is OBVIOUSLY, not allowed.

Final Frontier is allowed.

As well as all minor, and stand alone groups and individuals.

This is a time where everyone within given reason should feel welcome and enjoy a moment in our lives we can all appreciate. Thank you.[Image: SwES7N6.gif]
Time Selection, Here.

This will help decide on a suitable time tomorrow so please fill this out if you're planning on attending.[Image: SwES7N6.gif]
Due to the war, this will be post poned until a suitable date is ready so everyone can participate sorry for the inconvienence... On the bright side, that means I'll still be here with everyone until then. Lol[Image: SwES7N6.gif]
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