chance(wip!!!) Why Your Ability Application May Have Been Denied
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Please see the progression guide for an overview of how signature abilities (AKA non-public spells) function. Both the application sub-forum and form can be used to state your interest in something in particular, and you're welcome to invent unique flavour or make unconventional requests

Check out these archived applications,

1. Your request is more likely to be approved if,
a. You follow the basic tenets of good play:

Quote:Engaging, enjoyable writing

Polite and courteous to others OOCly (this includes out of game communications)

You do not joke post often, use OOC slang ICly, break the fourth wall, etc. Your character immerses others actively and reflects the established lore

Proactive in the pursuit of their goals. Someone that motivates others as an effect of their activity

2. In addition, your character could be described as one of the following,
a. A person with longevity that has had some worldly impact, for example, a long time member of a guild or military

b. An active, established 'antagonist' (term used loosely) that could do with a power boost as they aren't as threating as they could be with assistance narratively 

c. A 'smaller', less known character, with colorful, stand out writing that adds to the overall quality of the cast

3. Your request is less likely to be approved if,
a. You win the vast majority of your combat encounters and are on similar or higher power than your rival(s).

b. You've not been particularly active in the past week or two. This means engaging with others, pursuing your goals, etc. While no one is expected to be guns blazing daily, having an 'active presence' is important.

c. You're not doing anything particularly unique or compelling. Of course, not everything needs to be special, and this is less important than other tips.

d. Your actions lack influence from well defined character traits. Perhaps even OOC influence.
e. You've not had much time to establish your character, for example, if they've only been around for a few weeks or are still quite young.
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