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History & Purpose
Formed within the year 2018AC. This association focuses on growth in primarily exploration and studying the worlds given resources. Such as natural occurrences and magical endeavors. Searching for the otherworldly possibilities within boons of the given planes.  Realizing a newfound purpose within Meranthe. The founders being primarily Kitsune yet welcoming to all races of any given affinity. The Chosen Flame is an association of the mind. They seek to make history.

Ranking Structure

Solstice ( Leader )
The acting face of The Chosen Flame, Political Figure and Host of Traditions.
After a certain amount of time within The Chosen Flame one of the three Izunabi are selected as the new Solstice. (Five IC years)
Their duties are to the people alongside the acting leaders of the given space.

Izunabi ( The Trinity )
The acting advisors and council of The Chosen Flame. (Three Max)
Their duties consist of Co-Hosting Traditions alongside taking the role of an acting political envoy if the Solstice is unavailable.
To become an Izunabi (Three IC years of service as a Sacred Flame) you may undergo a Ritual of Passage to ascend to this rank.

Sacred Flame ( Guard )
The acting security of The Chosen Flame.
Their duties consist of escorting the higher ranking officials during political meetings or even general tasks.
They are the Guards and are trained prior to this acting role given their close ties to the Elzara initially.

Blaze Walker ( Member ) 
These are general members of The Chosen Flame.
Their duties are day to day given tasks by those of higher ranking. Usually errands ranging from gathering, donations and so on.
They can also pursue an active project or request something from higher ranking officials within The Chosen Flame, given approval.

Cultivators ( Initiates )
These are the inital starters of The Chosen Flame, they embark on studying and learning what they can around them.
Essentially partaking in given traditions and learning the rituals as well as given practicies.
They are free to come and go as they please during this stage in their time in.

Traditions (Find out IC the Details)

Festival of Light (Public Event)

Ritual of Passage (Event)

Tournament of Ascension (Public Event)

Meditation of Enlightenment (Private Scene)

For any IC's wishing to join or simply spawn in with given IC regarding this group simply contact VibeEntertainment#3428 with any questions and concerns. All updates and changes/edits will be made here alongside any additional posts outside of IC posts and announcements. Thank you and hopefully see you soon!

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The Solar Progeny
With our community, so too comes our Faith.
A Sect of Luminism dawns on Meranthe.
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Worship of the Sun has been a concept since the first men of the realm of Eternia. Its attachment to Jiuweihu, Divine Spirit of the Sun became most publicly known beginning in 155 AC, following their bargain made with mortal men. For twenty nine nights, no sun would rise following the Celestial Fox becoming imprisoned by the Fallen Angel Baraqiel and other followers of Azrael during the Divine War. It was then that the Emperor, leading an army composed of Samurai and other warriors, fought their way toward the imprisoned Spirit. The runic wards trapping the Fox would prove to be too great to be broken in any reasonable period of time, and so Jiuweihu made an offer to them. To exchange their brawn for knowledge and a fox's wit, so that they might learn the secret to free Her and the Sun might rise over Eternia once more. Many accepted, samurai and others, and became the first Kitsune.

The sun rose the next morning.

Among these first Kitsune were three scholars who would go on to form the Illuminated, a religious sect of philosophers supported by the state of Jianghu and based largely around the same mountain that had once acted as the prison for their deity. Over the next nearly two thousand years, several branching sects of "Luminism" would form, due to varying interpretations or beliefs of Jiuweihu and the Sun's will and influence, or simply due to sheer distance from their holy sites in Sheng; far reaching pilgrimages cast far and wide across Eternia's continents.

Now, among an unexpected and unplanned influx of Kitsune congregating in Dal'thala's eastern district, it should come as no surprise that a sect of the faith dedicated to their patron deity and Divine Spirit should begin to rear its head. Its scripture has been rewritten to the best ability and recollection of one such pilgrim and former student of the Dawn Library, Kohaku Kogeru, who now takes on the mantle as the first Solar Envoy of Meranthe.

  • Fate and Destiny exist and are a vital, driving force of our lives, though not set in stone. A soul in communion with the Sun is fundamental for a good, fortunate, and productive life, as its light and exposure to it influences us positively, driving one toward a better destiny.

  • Karma is real, and plays a subtle but vital impact on one's life and fate. Positive and negative actions influence one's destiny; particularly when performed under the ever-watchful gaze of the Sun.

  • Venerate the Sun. Raised daily by it's Divine Spirit Jiuweihu, with its light brings life to the earth, warmth to the body, and clarity to the soul.

  • To forgo family or one's duty to it is frowned upon but not prohibited. It is heavily urged that at least one member of any generation carries on the family name, lest it be forgotten. For Kitsune this is especially so, as the names of every hero of the Twenty Nine Nights and their descendant families should live on and spread their fortune to the rest of the world.

  • Venerate Kraus, the Creator, for without him there would be no world in which we have free will and the ability to shape our destiny.

  • We are far from home and the sacred mountain. We will still be heard, but harsher trials will be needed for our faith to shine brightly from across the world and catch Her notice.

  • Kitsune, venerate your ancestors for without their actions, there would be no Sun for months, and the world would be eternally changed for the worse. You would not exist with your blessed lineage without them and every subsequent family member who preceded you. It is your duty to continue this chain, and leave those who come after you with the gifts you were given, building upon the positive karma of your ancestors.

Rites and Practices:

Ritual of Long Reaching Light:
A precursory and preparatory ritual. The follower(s) and preferably at least one who has completed the ritual successfully are to first trek from their place of worship to a designated Oasis in the Silent Expanse. Should weather become overcast or rain at any point during the travel, the walk is to be repeated. On arrival, they will strip all but the bare essentials to expose as much of the body to both the light of the sun, as well as the harsh blowing sands of the desert. Depending on the weather, this can range from a mild inconvenience to a grueling ordeal. A small waterskin is provided to each follower, to be rationed throughout the trial and a test of patience and temptation.

Ritual of Aversion:
Largely unchanged from its original form practiced by the Illuminated of Sheng. The follower is to fast for twenty four hours prior to the ritual taking place. As it begins, they will be presented with a freshly cooked meal. They are to abstain from touching it for the duration of the ritual; an undetermined length of the performing priest(ess)'s choosing. Similarly, whoever conducts the ritual has the freedom to add whatever else they deem fit in an effort to sway the follower into failing the ritual. Alcohol, more food, music or performance, threats, faux seduction, and even lying or magic such as Illusion are all viable in the context of the ritual. It is generally suggested to be as ruthless as possible to the follower, with even methods akin to torture such as freezing water soaking the aspirant being permitted.

The Beacon In The Dark:
The Sect’s version of the Ritual of Rays. Travel to the Shadowlands, to a clearing marked by the fiery impact of a celestial terror as catastrophic as the Twenty Nine Nights; 124. There, in the darkest hour of the night, an aspirant will attempt to attune with the Sun, hidden from its view in the night and its positive energy in Shadowlands nighttime. There, under the watchful eye of a priest or priestess, one must fill the clearing with true Sunlight. Any  creatures of the Shadowlands drawn to the light should be fought off without allowing the channeled sunlight to falter.

If performed successfully, with no tricks of light magic or similar shortcomings as judged by the priest, the aspirant will then emulate the journey of the Emperor to complete their journey; Travel in the dark, from the Shadowlands and climb to the most important peak on Meranthe, a mountain once beautiful where dark forces now dwell. Stand before the door of the Tower of Aetius. As a gateway to infinite realms, it serves as a signifier of the strands of fate and the knowledge that through one of its many doors lies the path to Spirit Realm.

The Three Virtues of Kindness, Respect, and Understanding:
  1. Treat all, save those who are threats to life, family, friends, or the natural order with kindness. Perform charity when able, within reason. Extend the helping hand before the sword always, unless one cannot truly cannot be saved.
  2. Respect is often earned, but to provide it regardless is of even greater virtue. Only those who threaten or enact harm are exempt from this, as are those who mislead and those whose souls are truly lost.
  3. Understanding, in all things, is to be sought after. Not only comprehension of life, the world, and other greater and smaller mysteries, but just as importantly is to understand one's fellow man. To understand why they do what they do, and take the actions they take. This goes particularly for the criminal and the astray but not truly lost, for understanding what led them to such low depths is pivotal for any chance of returning them to the Light.

Wedding Ceremony:
Copied directly from the ritual performed in Sheng and performable for any marrying couple as requested; not only those of the faith. A red string is tied around the newly married wrists, connecting them to symbolize their fates now being entwined in this life and the ones they will create together. They must remain intertwined for the following feast or celebration. At the end the priest will carefully remove their hands from it, but not break the knot. It is considered bad luck if the string is untied or broken by any but the priest at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Hearing of Wishes:
Any followers of any faith or creed save those of demonic, anti-cyclical, or antagonistic in nature are welcome to approach any shrine of the sect with their wish written down on paper, to be cast into a brazier in the hopes of making their dream heard by Jiuweihu; that she might smile on them and shift the trajectory of their fate to grant them what they seek. While this can be done alone, privately, and anonymously, it is considered good fortune to bring them to a shrine and allow a priest(ess) to read the request and verify the purity and sincerity of it before casting it into the fire themselves.

One such shrine has been constructed in the eastern district of Dal'thala, by the eastern bridge.


Our Own Calendar:
The Jiu-Calendar is a tapestry of stars and constellations; one which the graduated scholars of the Dawn Library would learn to read through the linking of their own mana to it. In doing so, portents of impending disasters or insight on more positive futures and fates might be gleamed. We will try to create our own, and in doing so hope to prevent calamity with its knowledge.

((Feel free to contact Lemo#5949 on Discord to arrange scenes and/or tell me how much you hate my cringe weeb faith.))
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