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Wanderer. Wayfinder. These terms explained your father in his early years but as he's grown older he's settled down, having become a figure within the Asperan Church as well as an actual prominent Wayfinder within Aphros. Throughout your early years you'd be subjected to travels and journeys with him - usually through a portal - to parts unknown. Other times, you'd find yourself either in Oakvale - where you live - or Aphros, where you mainly grew up.

There you were taught about not just Athelios, but Chireus as well. However the teachings of Athelios came far stricter and more indepth than anything regarding Chireus. There were arguments in the home, namely between your father and your mother but it was never anything serious.

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Mostly human, part drow - spiky ears to remind the redhead of her heritage. Your mother never tried to involve herself within Aphros' politics and inner workings as anything else but a spectator. Even if she argued with your father at times, she always kept him close, teaching you how important family is. Your early memories of her would probably include some type of violence, be it physical or psychological.

Your potential aggressiveness and the need to fight to prove a point stems from this parent, responsible for giving you bad habits. Expectant of your success in whichever field you choose to pursue, she is the stricter parent and scarier parent.

Both of your parents sometimes sneak out at night. They might be superheroes.

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- Two child slots, the minimum spawn in year being 2018
- You will be a human, though you can have pointy ears like your mom
- You can choose to either have red hair or black, and eye color dark colors are the go-to
- Magic wise you can take after your parents or be your own person. Wayfinding is on the table if you wish to learn it, though.
- You'd probably be encouraged to hang around Oakvale and/or Aphros, and perhaps even join the Bastion or the Church by your father.
- Your mother, on the other hand, would tell you to do the complete opposite and try to make you a free, independent soul. Listen to her too long and you might learn something special..

oh shit lmao
if you want to apply dm me. (milly!!#1888)
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how do i apply
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updated accordingly lmao
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Holy cow!

They're having another one. Can spawn in during 2035. All of the above apply except for some updates:
- Your father is now Oracle - or was, when you spawn in? Who knows.
- It's publicly revealed he's a faceless. If you wish to be one, let me know and I will pass it by the admin team. This is not 100% guaranteed.
- Your sister might eat you.
- Do not enter your brother's room. There is not a crellus there.
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