I noticed that lately the meta of Lightspeed > stun > beam > another follow up ability has become extremely prevalent. Almost everyone I encounter has Lightspeed and some kind of stun into combo that shaves off all of your HP and quite frankly that's very annoying.

Changing it from range 15 to range 10 didn't really help much. It offers a slightly broader window of prediction, but at the end of the day, your opponent has to be bad (as to avoid baiting out any invulns) and you have to be much better (in order to predict it accurately), otherwise you're getting hit for approximately 30-40% of your HP instantly with very little to no counterplay other than predicting it; as stated before, if your opponent actually happens to be good at verbing & can bait out your spells, then you don't really stand much chance.

At the same time, I do realize why Lightspeed exists, and that's to counter kiting because it's a very potent mechanic in this game. The issue is that Lightspeed went from countering kiters to becoming guaranteed heavy combo offload set up that is very difficult to somehow fuck up, and can quite literally turn a hopeless build that constantly loses to suddenly being overpowered.

Considering that Lightspeed still can fill niche of countering kiters, I propose that it sets any stun abilities on GCD, including:
• whips
• pyroclasm
• beams (can still hit lightspeed > beam > follow up without whip or pyro)
• bone spear/ crystal javelin

In other words, make it so that Lightspeed triggers GCD on all stun spells, forcing Lightspeed users to use a single heavy-hit ability instead.

To further support this argument, I remember the times when Hemorrhage was bloodstun & how it was massively abused (myself included to make a point), with instant stun > teleportation (via space TP) > heavy combo. Right now Lightspeed is in the state of old Hemorrhage (that is, being a stun), just with a different make up.

i'm tired of seeing so many ppl running lightspeed stun cheese combo just because salathiel chainverbed all of aphros. please.
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As someone who is shadow light armed and get my ass kicked constantly because I have no CC and my only way of landing abilities consistently is lightspeed I approve of this message.

Lightspeed feels very balanced on my build. I don't combo you for 40% I just manage to land a single psmash. Is it strong? Sure. But it would suck if my very sub-par build would get nerfed just because people uses it with stun.
As I said, and as I'll say over and over again.

Increase Lightspeed's CD to be at least 4s/6s higher than the highest CD whip/pyro in the game.

I refuse to elaborate. I'm leaving.

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(10-12-2022, 05:07 AM)Raihex Wrote: As I said, and as I'll say over and over again.

Increase Lightspeed's CD to be at least 4s/6s higher than the highest CD whip/pyro in the game.

I refuse to elaborate. I'm leaving.

But doing that fucks me over because I DONT use stuns and its really balanced on my build. I don't like this solution at all, I'd just unslot it from my bar, and trust me if you don't pair lightspeed with a stun/beam combo its really not that strong at all.

Its good, yes. But its not nerf-worthy if you're not cheesing it with insta-stun and etc
Alright, here's an alternative:

Increase whip/pyro's CD to be at least 4s/6s higher than the highest CD Lightspeed in the game.

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Lightspeed is easy to evade. Just train harder on your verbin.

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if they fix the stupid stun combo abuse then we wouldn't have this issue it comes down to certain combos/abilities being stronger then others to the point of nerf its really simple
As was said in the original post, kiters and kite based builds are equally as bad as "Lightspeed" stun combo users.

Kiters effectively and effeciently can out perform Armed/Unarmed/Mage(Non-Kite/Non-Lightspeed) builds consistently.

Because they avoid, damage as long as you're doing it correctly and not getting baited by strafing or clear bait tactics.

Lightspeed with it's current range is OKAY.

The issue is as Bog said, is that it's commonly being used with Whips or Pyroclasm. Adding some CD on the use of stuns/roots or whatever to make it so people don't lose 30-40% HP is all fair and good, but when you land that combo and sit back and wait for it again, it's predictable and there are a CRAP ton of options to avoid such a predictable thing.

Saving Warcry Active
Phantom Strike
Evicserate(However it's spelled)
Shockwave (Any of it's varients)
Even drags. (You can quite literally do a skill like Cascade to anyone who Lightspeeds on you EVERY single time they do it and guess what?)

Now you're conditioning them to wait till you use your other skills. I fought someone who is using Lightspeed+ Water Whip into and Tidal and everytime they LS'ed they got punished to the point they stopped using it and tried walking up to me to whip beam.

Lightspeed right now is okay, landing it into whatever combo is a thing sucks, yes. Losing 30-40% HP is pretty wild.

But this boils down to build difference now. You can still beat anyone who's using such a build/cheese. Whether it's harder for you to accomplish or not is solely up to how you verb and what you have in your kit to deal with it IMO.
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sometimes i wanna take away people's forum posting permissions
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Pls no this is the first build I have had where I dont get my ass handed to me every single danger.
Leave options for those with skill issues
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