The EyeNo Rest for the Wicked.
[Image: 7a9f0eb7ffe71c8cf780e0e2cdf1fef3.jpg]

In life, you did not fear death, having long grown accustomed to it's companionship. Some called you a murderer, others a madman, a butcher. Whatever the case, Offense by Offense, Crime by Crime, your ledger filled with red, Until eventually a lifetime of misdeeds came to collect.

And once beyond the doors of death, you discovered how wrong you were not to fear it.

Only now, you find yourself offered the unlikeliest of escapes.

  • You are an undead, the risen corpse of a dead criminal.
  • You will be provided Equipment and potions to the best of my ability. General appearance is up to you with some caveats. Same for Name.
  • You will not be related to Perdition.
  • Your origins, combined with your undead disposition means you're most probably inclined towards violence.

If interested, please PM me!
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