ludsterHow Journals Work and Journalling Guide
The Journals sub-forum is an extension of the Biographies sub-forum. This place is meant for players to bookkeep their character's life in private, to tell their story in peace, and to eventually archive it and show the world the tale that had unfolded at the end of the character's life; much similarly to that of the old Journal system used in previous iterations of the game. It is to note however that Journals posted here will NOT be reviewed nor be accounted for in any form of applications. These journals will have no impact on any application for the game. This place is meant only for those who wants to keep track of their characters' stories and wish to potentially share it to the community at its end.
How it works:
  • Writing a journal is an optional thing one can do to bookkeep character logs, stories, and events in one place! 
  • The Tales and Journals sub-forum is where one can privately post the thread for journals. Only you (the poster of the thread) and forum moderators will have access to the thread while it is in this sub-forum. Use this space to write accounts of your characters freely and have them stored for your own reasons and means. 
  • The Archives sub-forum is where journals are moved at the request of the journal writer. Once in this sub-forum, the entirety of the community will be able to see the journal and read through it. To have a journal moved to the Archives, simply make a post in the journal thread asking for it to be moved and a moderator will move it for you. Take note, journals cannot be edited, further posted in, or updated once it is moved to the Archives. So only ask it to be moved once you're sure your character's journal is at its end!
  • Never post anything in the main Journal forum. This is saved for announcements. Only post in the Tales and Journals sub-forum.
  • There are no required formats for journals. Write them however you like in whatever creative way you deem fit to tell your characters' stories. Each thread connotates toward a single character. A template of how older journals used to be written can be found here. However, this is not required to be followed. Write at your own interests and style.
  • For inspiration, archives of journals from previous iterations of the game can be perused here.
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