chanceShipwrecked Sea Dwellers
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Off the north eastern coast of the Realms of Meranthe, far beyond the borders of our civilized kingdoms, there was a shipwreck in the outer sea following a skirmish between the sirenian clans. A group of ocean dwellers corrupted by the Deep One attacked the aquatic vessel and tore it apart, leaving to a number of escapees that, in their wounded, exhausted state will look to Meranthe for refuge, all while their more vicious cousins continue the hunt for them...

These followers of the Deep One are on a mission to destroy or convert all sirenian that do not accept their master. In contrast, the refugees are looking to survive and build a new life, or perhaps seek out revenge depending on individual motives.

➤ See the Sirenia lore page for information on the race's history and background.

➤ You can play as a Deep One worshipper or a refugee / survivor. You begin at Level 150!

➤ An addition to the Siren racials includes the Swim spell, that lets you travel the ocean without a boat.

➤ Other than what's established here, you're pretty much free to do what what you want, though you should organize as groups.

Apply here if this interests you. We'll be handling approvals / denials tomorrow and beyond.
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