Whatever(Concluded) Montelione™ Auction - Potion of Luscious Mane
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Potion of Luscious Mane

"A potion that, when consumed, grants one the hairstyle of their greatest desire."

Without care for ones affiliation, Valette Montelione prepares an auction. Bidders may send correspondence by way of mail, with frequent missives sent out to inform bidders of possible price increases. The bidding starts at 10000 Coins, with each new bid requiring a minimum of a 2000 Coin increase over the previous sum. The winner of the event is expected to deliver their coin directly to Lady Valette Montelione in Aphros, or send a middle man with a written note of consent in their stead. Upon delivery of payment the potion is guaranteed to be provided.

As such a full name will be required with each bid. However, for the sake of anonymity, one may also provide an alias in the bidding form to be referenced by.

Please note 40% of the accrued funds will be donated to the state of Aphros.

This thread is a forum auction to acquire my spiriting services for a single time. You may place your bid by responding below. Using in-game coins as the means of transaction, the winner of this auction will be able to request a hair be designed of their choice with the complete DMI later provided through discord. There is no physical potion. The option of having a hair done can instead be exchanged for having a hat drawn up, if that is your preference. This Auction will run until this Sunday, 11pm GMT, 7PM EST. Below are some of my previous works for reference.

Previous Work
[Image: g7wjoSO.png]
[Image: KB6o7wg.png]
[Image: gUTbIjb.png]
[Image: 1Yaxswr.png]
[Image: 909sDCM.png]
[Image: c8ReVrs.png]

As a note: Please only respond to this topic if you genuinely want my services. Troll posts can be funny and all, but let's keep things fair, yeah?

Use the below when placing a bid
Quote:Name (Private):

Bid Amount:

Public Alias:

Auction Comment:
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Name (Private): Rhue Brante

Bid Amount: 12,000 coins

Public Alias: Rhue

Auction Comment: Life is for living, so why live with bad hair?
Characters: Eccentric Song, Rudiger Sinclaire, Meng Qingfan, Esbern Antioch/cos Salis, Claire Everfrost, Thok-Gur, Rhue Brante.
Discord: Eccentric Song#7121
Name (Private): Manarysgosa

Bid Amount: 14,000 coins

Public Alias: Delirium

Auction Comment: Very nice. I'll take it.
Name (Private): Milo Effret

Bid Amount: 20,000

Public Alias: Milo Effret

Auction Comment: Not that I need it, but a collectible like this is sure to be worthwhile!
Name (Private): Kafka

Bid Amount: 22,000

Public Alias: Kafka

Auction Comment: --...!! ...!!
The Auction closes in 9 hours and 23 minutes time. 

11PM GMT, 7pm EST.

(edit: timezone conversion fixed... oops.)
[Image: AKhzqr3.png]
Name (Private): Samandriel

Bid Amount: 28 000

Public Alias: Samandriel

Auction Comment: "Worth it..."

 [Image: justic-madel-canadian-male-models.gif]
And with that the Auction has closed, on the dot. To all bidders, Montelione™ thanks you for your participation. The winner is Samandriel. He will be contacted shortly in private.
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