NzothofVoidA 'Second Chance' from Death
In a dark place, did a figure give 'grace' unto the nameless and forgotten fallen.

"Rise mine servant, your Lord giveth purpose onto once meaningless flesh. Arise and serve thine Master forevermore."

[Image: IMG_5612.jpg?width=556&height=676]
A wicked ritual concludes, a spirit subjugated and bound within fleshless body by will of it's summoner.

What fate lies for one who has lost all of their former self?

One slot.

Start as Undead race.
Any name is fine.
Expected to obey their master undoubtingly, as they are sustained by their Master.
Harvest undeath for their Master.
Uphold the Litany.
Be expected to likely come to conflict with most, given your nature.

Contact: Nzoth#6644 if interested!
Thank you for the interest! The slot's filled.
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