ChanceMeranthe: Development Direction #1
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The Development Direction posts will give an overview of the short-term development of the game, typically intended to cover the updates planned for the same month. Of course, plans can change so it isn't necessarily set in stone! But it gives you all an idea of what's on the cards.

Bug Fix Spree
Our main focus over the past few days has been fixing issues with the game, as to be expected with a launch containing this much content. So far so good. I think we'll be in a decent place early into next week, but getting everything polished might take some time. I'll make a post in this thread when we're officially out of the 'bug fix' stage and moving on to features / content.

Bookshelves & Notice Boards
We need to import the bookshelf system and notice boards to the new construction setup. Bookshelves are going to have a QoL improvement that'll be a 'global' category which lets players view publicly published books on any bookshelf.

Pigs & Cows
Expanding on the chicken coop, we'll be adding a pig farm animal that scouts for truffles & a cow that provides milk. Will use the same system as chickens (happiness, feeding, petting, aging and butchering, etc)

Dungeon Additions
The dungeon system will get some new mechanics: traps, additional AI types, and boss spells, as well as the introduction of two dungeons based in the Tower of Aetius. 

Spell Content
We'll begin work on the upcoming FATE Magic trees and also introduce some new public spells.

Boat - Sloop
We'll introduce an upgraded version of the rowboat, a sloop, that can house multiple passengers and is much larger than its modest counterpart.

The following is what to expect of upcoming sprite art:
➤ cow, pig (animated movement & baby versions)
➤ sloop sprite (animated, all directions) ref 
➤ ursidae sprites x
various spell art
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