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So as many of you are aware, we removed forum applications / journals with the transition to primarily in-game progression (via mastery points, classes, mentor, etc). You can get a run down of 'special' progression on the guide that was posted a little while back: x

Anyway, how we're handling stuff like signatures, mentor, mythics, projects/wonders, etc, is through a form. It's intended to be super easy to basically go 'I'm interested in this and would like you to read over my logs' (which we do via the log reader, you don't need to supply them). Then every few days the head admins: Myself, Avajain, and Ludster take a lot at the requests, and if there's thumbs up for 2/3 or more you'll be DMed the details.

What we're allowing right now are:
- Medic (which can also be Mentored)
- Holy / Occult (also can be mentored/taught in-game by players)
- Classes (has unique ways of initiating others into the class, see )
- Mentor (which you need to mentor medic, signatures, and holy/occult!)

Characters at Level 190+ are eligible to request a Signature! This is stuff like custom stances, lower level buffs, etc. Usually can also be Mentored. I'd say the approval rate for these is likely to be in the 25% range.

Then there are Mythics. Approval rate is probably <5%, expected level of 215+ & a reputation as a long-term, famous world leader.

So this is just to say that the development form is open and you can request Classes, Medic, Holy/Occult, Mentor right now. Signatures/Mythics are not being reviewed since we're just a few days in. Your request should be 500 words or less and summarize your character's recent development related to the perk while checking the boxes theme wise.

Also to clarify, you can still make forum applications for unique items (just don't expect much in the way of stats!) as well as projects/wonders. But that's not too relevant right now.
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