KippahkidHouse Gregoris- The Crow Calls
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For anyone interested in joining the Gregoris family, playing an important house position, or starting within the Coterie- you have found the place! There are three major house roles, and I plan on accepting up to two other family members. It is also possible to apply to be both a family member and have a house position. There are limitless spots if you wish to be a regular Coterie member.

-Any information on House Gregoris can be found here.
-Family members will be human.
-There are no magic requirements.
-Loyalty to Hosue Gregoris, and in turn Delphina is expected.

Applications can either be done through this form or by inquiring through my discord, KippahKid#5374

The current plan is to keep applications open until the end of the first IC year.
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