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2036 AC

"Tired am I. Oracle of Athelios, 6th of its name."
"People of Aphros, I come with news of joy, and news of sorrow. For it has been my faithful duty to lead Aphros for I am the very will of Athelios, ...But I am a mortal man. The years of aged me and the times have changed. Through the long eight years of leadership I have found myself with the next generations, my job has been done. It was my goal and my mission in life to quell out the Coven. Our enemies made my job that much easier. Those who have plagued my mind, my family, my people. That Coven of Misfortune shall be lost to the winds of time. For that I am grateful."

"The Oracle trials have been ran and finished, in silent duty was it done. In silent judgement was it given. My time is over. My time is done. I will always be the faithful servant of Athelios, no longer can I remain this tired as I lead. My successor has been named, for they will lead Aphros as well as they can. However there are changes to be made by my final decree, my final statement and order to which is law."

"The Council of Aphros, to lessen the burden of Leadership upon the Oracle. One mortal, One man or woman cannot push forward alone... I refuse to put anyone through the helish times I had as Oracle. Thus. The changes that come forth."

"I name Elise Montelione, The Head of the Church. The Voice of Athelios, for those who wish to seek out council with Aphros upon Political matters as well as faith. Working with the church to ensure that Aphros itself is faithful and healthy with it's praise and it's duty to remaing the Twilight city. Though many will disagree with our ways. The church will always sing true to it's word and duties."

"I name Monica Moore, Commander of the Bastion. The Might of Athelios, for those who wish to work upon alliances of war and raids - upon aid of missions. Working together with the Oracle themselves this position will make the Waring politics of Aphros easier to handle. To one I cannot trust more to see it done, even I am proud of the work that the Commander has done for our city. Now and forever."

"Finally, I name Hanzel Dominic, Oracle of Athelios, 7th of its name. The Will of Athelios for those who wish to hear and understand Athelios and Aphros. They shall come to him. Working with the city as a whole the choices that will made shall always reflect that of which Athelios wants. For the Will, for the strength, and the voice of it all. Must work as one with the Oracle as its head. Without the Will to move on, there can be no might, Without the Will to speak, there may be no voice."

"Our allies remain as they always have. We as a city and as a people have worked as hard as we can to ensure that with these new rising threats of the Demonic Infection. To be crushed out by any means. What changes come with the new Oracle I know not, but I will always be forever faithful in duty towards my city. Watching as carefully as one can over their student. A teacher may guide and show the path that is to be taken but it is up to the student to make their choice."

"Everyone in life must walk their own path, it is my duty even now to ensure they do not get lost upon the way."

"My children, My students, My people of Aphros. I thank you for trusting in me for all these years. I pray you do the same for Hanzel Dominic."

"Finally. Do I get to rest."

-Noctis Equisol
6th Oracle of Athelios

  • Noctis Equisol has retired from Oracle and has named Hanzel Dominic his Successor.

  • The Council of Aphros has been formed for the new Oracle. To allow others to deal with matters without getting the Oracle involved. It is HEAVILY ENCOURAGED for the nations to follow the Council's orders and commands.

  • Solis Equisol has retired from Knight Captain and has named Carnation Aubreen her successor.

  • With the Aen making their mark upon their land. Noctis Equisol encourages with him stepping down from power to reach out to Hanzel Dominic for what could be peace. Even with their ideals clashing with one another, both recognize they share the same goal with the demonic threat.

  • Vdalions accepting Nercomancy above their holy mission, Aphros remains on high alert for threats that may come from the mountain.

  • A ceremony for the new Oracle will be held within the next year or two (Whenever OOC aligns)

  • With the most recent deceleration by the Umbral Captain Sabriel Equisol. She is to be lashed within the streets of Aphros for her sins against the former Oracle. Done by him personally.
"My wife, the love of my life. Not even you are free from my ire and wrath. Every drop of blood is one that you have earned yourself. May this be the only time I must harm you."
-Noctis Equisol

Relations of Meranthe
Dal’Thala: Allies
Pantheon: Allies
Aen: Neutral
Port Fortune: Neutral

Final Frontier:
The Gutter: Neutral(?) [Possible Friendly]
Vdalion: Hostile [Non-Aggression Pact]
Abendrot: Total Annihilation

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2036 AC

For many years the Zealots of Ymir's Return have worked in the shadows, using necromancy to further their own goals. This much was revealed at the Moot of 2034 AC. The past was uncovered. Rumors that Perdition had begun within the wintry walls of Grimhjall.  What was once thought to be a talk on necromancy led to old men bickering about past grudges and it is then the Moot became something the Emperor usurped. In its place came the shifting of the old to the new, starting with the banishment of Surtyr Folhammar for past transgressions and ending with the retirement of Shaggard de Gray.

To those that paid attention at the Moot, the decision on necromancy was postponed. A prophecy uncovered years prior was explained by OC and Surtyr. Yet it would take proof for half a century of practice to be removed, proof retrieved by one uninfluenced by holy bias, that man being new Hofgothi, Ivarr the Restless. With declaration given, necromancy was taken out the same way it was brought in - through religion.

With every day that passes, there are less and less undead. Pale giants that practice the dark arts no longer seen so regularly. The volcano next to the Zealot Church swells with heat. The Urisdae begin to surface, spurred to action...

Renovated with the first Moot in over a decade, the people of Vdalion know that times of change are coming at long last – With the recent mobilization of their forces, as well, the city seems more alive than ever; It thrives on adversity and warfare, with the constant drumrolls amidst the night in training drills making clear to any who dare to step even close to the mountain's peak.

  • In exchange for his life and as a mercy of Emperor Jokul Folhammar, Surtyr Folhammar accepted to cast away the Folhammar and his clan, as well as accepting to live in exile. Along with the former Emperor, some other members of Vdalion decided to leave Grimhjall.
  • A day later, Surtyr recalled the hammer for himself. Some marking him as an OATHBREAKER, others claiming the hammer is special in nature.
  • With the old guard pushed out, the new obtain titles. The Hofgothi, Ivarr. The Thane and leader of Huskarls, Emariel. A new Jarl rises as well, Orphee.
  • There are preparations of a new shrine being built upon the Volcano of Glufdor.
  • Mentions of infighting, flaming buildings and clashes like between Orphee and Argus Panoptes.
  • Pantheon is crushed underfoot, led by Fritz Fortuna, Lydia Dominic and Orphee with support from forces of Vdalion. Rumors are that the giants take something from the wreckage.
  • Vdalion walks on its own path, unswayed by outside forces, whether that be Aen or anyone else that wishes for war. They are more than eager for battle, regardless of whatever justification is used.
As usual, there are no publicized speeches or clarifications by the Emperor Folhammar. Jokul's words are to be found in person or through word of mouth. He does not care to be liked or understood.

[Image: somrelations.png]
From public rumors and recent actions, the following can be theorized:
  • Aen - War.
  • Abendrot - War.
  • Pantheon - War. Crushed.
  • Aphros - Neutral.
  • Dal'thala - Neutral.
[Image: SoM_white.png?width=918&height=442]
After the harsh defeat they suffered at the hands of Dal'thala and allies, Abendrot went through countless changes in the last years. The demonic city was no longer a peak of aggression, but now of survival.
Their actions have become more internal and defensive, rather than hostile against the world at large. New tactics were taken, as they develop and move towards the future, under the command of the new Fel Khan.


Sak'noth became the Fel Khan, the Overlord, the Absolute ruler of Abendrot.
 A new hierarchy ensues, as below the Khan are now the Pack Legatus! Pack leaders, who are here to better organize groups internally in Abendrot - these are, Omen being the Legatus of the Pack of Support, Lyssa as the Legatus of the Research Pack and finally, Marshel as the Legatus of War.
Those who want to assist in the future of Abendrot are advised to contact one of the Legatus, whichever they most identify with - to join their pack.
New projects are being worked on, which are in motion to change the tides of fate.
Demonic forces are more centralized at the edges of the territory, notably a greater defense is being taken - to thwart attacks. No longer does Abendrot advance aggressively.
Rumors indicate that soon new Bounties will appear, new beings of interest to the Fel Khan.
An expedition is being organized, one that will lead some members of the Horde to the Great Tower - the Demon Lord's intention is still unknown, but one thing is clear, he certainly intends to unravel the mysteries that surround the spire of Meranthe.

Aen - Prey
Dalthala -Prey
Aphros - Prey
Vdalion - Prey
Port Fortune - Unknown/Caution
Final Frontier and The Gutter - Neutral
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YEAR 2037
675, 275, 1
Quote:"Yearning for freedom, we decided to follow the wind."

  • The abandoned Isle of Icaria has been claimed by the crew who aimed to invade it. After fending off an attack by the remnents of the order, settlement efforts have intensified. An industrious maritime city emerges on its western shore, dubbed Nilhirra.
  • The denizens of the isle held a meeting to ratify the Driftwood Concord. The navigator Fritz Fortuna was named the island's Queen-Captain by acclamation.
  • A rowdy tavern has been established at the isle's westernmost point.
  • Laws have been established banning assault, black magic, murder and thievery, among other social ills. However, the island has a reputation as a place where enforcement is lax, and only the most major incidents seem to find the ears of the city's rulers. Hel-worship is illegal. (Common Sense Clause)
  • Rumors spread that a poker tournament will be held on the isle. Contact the mysterious "M" to get involved.
  • Katrina Kallis's personal correspondence was recovered after the invasion. The upturned stones and azilanea blooms of the ancient barrow were cleared for farmland.
  • Laws are being drafted to allow other crews and non-sailors to settle the isle. Sail to the island to inquire.
  • Rumors that the residents of the island are pirates are strongly denounced, but some may be found carrying a letter of marque.

[Image: DhM3fEa.png]

Pantheon is now a city of bygone grandeur. Its pillars have crumbled to pieces and its temples have gone quiet. Most of those who made their living tending to the Order have fled back to the Aphros. In its place come merchants and those of a less reputable profession. The population of the island has declined to just 46. (Mostly humans, faeborne, and cambion.)
Many residents of the island keep the Faith of Sailors, but Gala, Nemea, and Ymir all have some worshippers. One of the priestesses of Pantheon is said to have stayed behind to minister to the people.
As little more than a small town of pirates seafarers, the island is hardly notable except for its position between major shipping lanes and as a resupply stop for local whalers and fishermen.

Aphros - Neutral
Vdalion - Friendly
Delphina - Neutral
Lyonesse - Neutral
Port Fortune - Alliance
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