chanceOutlaw Status
Extremely dangerous individuals that may be acting independently, with the backing of a nation, or guild, as established combatants of the world.

A player may request to change their character's status to outlaw, or may be marked as one by staff if the following occurs:

➤A request to escape from imprisonment is granted after it's deemed 'too early' for an execution or you're left for longer than 3 days without active roleplay.

➤They're highly wanted by a nation or guild and there is an official bounty to incentivize hunters.

➤The player wishes to play it 'high risk' and agrees that they won't kill in anti-climatic fashion/first encounter.

More often that not it will be requested by the player themselves rather than staff given.

Outlaw status involves the following:

➤Your name tag is marked dark red, making it easy for other players to identify you as an outlaw.

➤Battles are a minimum of capture 1 regardless of territory, if the other party is the aggressor. You cannot go below this even if it's requested by your opponent. Feel free to ticket for more nuanced situations.

➤Outlaw status is typically temporary. It can last a year, several years, ten or forever, but it depends on player preference. This is stated when it is granted. Escape from imprisonment following murder or grievous harm is a minimum of 3 years.
[ By default, races classified as Monsters (enemies of humanity) are subject to the Outlaw rules. Currently, this is Demons and Undead. This means battles should be a minimum Cap 1 or higher unless the opposing party specifically prefers Cap 0. ] 
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