Inuunaa public callout to Chiase
"This girl is dead, of course."

[Image: janetfinal2.png]

birds been chirpin' that ya' wanted my head, too bad you gon' have to come and get it yourself, and not hide behind some others who arent just a waste of life!
im waiting for ya'... that is unless you're scared bitch!

you know who

under the cloak of the night flyers have been nailed to various trees and posts all around moxtli, proemethia, and novus

ya' know who i am... since ya' brought your homegirl the last time we spoke, tellin' her to jump me. let's make this interestin' and let the folk watch your ammusing death.
no trickery this time ya' scared little waste of space
kisses, the dead girl...
all are encouraged to come and watch as long as they don't interfere
participants: Chiase vs Janet
place: south of quarry
setting: deadly 2
date: TBD
you can write me to arrange here inuuna#3952
The crack of dawn brings ash to Moxtli. Flyers once posted, all burned to a crisp. The dead girl knows what answer has been given.
Where there was to be a fight, no fight takes place.
"If you are so intent to see your brother again, then feel free to kill yourself."
"But do not presume to waste my time."
[Image: Drawing-1-sketchpad-1.png]
"aww, dont be so scared come out and play with me..."

as the sun rises, a part of the non-magi population in moxtli has been set out to spread out and gather herbs and various ingredients have stumbled upon an abandoned cart that has been covered down with a large sheet of leather, the non-magi thinking that it must be some sort of offering to the city, haul the cart back to moxtli, only there do they notice that it is entirely full of headless chicken except for one item being different, a broken plank with the name "Chiase" written on it with said chicken's blood
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