WinterWingsDear Mother

Dear Mother,

Things aren't the same without you here.
I miss you every day, and it always hurts that you're gone.
Grief is supposed to become easier over time, isn't it?
That's what people always say.
Eventually you'll feel better.
Eventually the tears will stop.

Countless times I felt them freeze against my cheeks,
as that sense of loss struck from the blue.

Your death changed all of us,
I couldn't understand back then,
but I do now.

You were taken from us,
years of love and play that were stolen by those flames.
I can't forgive them for that, I won't.
I wasn't there, 
yet I screamed out night after night as I imagined it over and over.

I'm going to make them pay for it all.
They took the warmth from our lives,
so I will do the same to theirs.

I love you.
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