SachikoA shooting star.
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Days passed with no word from the ol' High Keeper, but a bell could be heard tolling from the depths of the shimmering walls in the middle of the night. A figure with wings was seen at the chapel's pinnacle before soaring off into the night, leaving a trail of celestial particles to light up the night leading to the east.
"Isn't it funny how the stars seem brighter on this cold night, Lyzel? When man learns to feel love, he must also learn to feel hate. The distinction between light and dark is razor-thin.
I'm only trying to combat my darkness; life might be harsh, but submitting is a far worse consequence than defeat. Never forget who you are, my child, a rhoynur the meaning of power, and now you find yourself among the stars... Andre my shooting star.
They say Kraus forgives, but I'm just a prophet, and I can't forgive in these merciful times. I beg your patience, Lyzel. The voices, cries, insanity, and rage...       

It's true, if you're not dark on the inside, coming into this world will make you dark. How many more will I lose? Aria, my little bundle of joy... How many more will you rob me of?
I'm exhausted. For everything I've had, the world has drained me."
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