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Describe the issue:

How to reproduce:

Any relevant media (images, gifs/video, etc): 
Describe the Issue: Mana Absorption sprite broke, lol

How to reproduce: Activating Mana Absorption (Dreamer's Blessing)

Any relevant media:
[Image: unknown.png]

please for the love of god fix the sprite
[Image: corpoggo.png]
Describe the issue: shapeshifting abilities tend to bug out and display your normal sprite to people who log in after you've enabled it (and possibly if you've been off screen for long enough)

How to reproduce: use a shapeshift ability on one key, relog on another

Any relevant media (images, gifs/video, etc): N/A
Describe the issue: Yggdrasil doesn’t heal party members.

How to reproduce: Use Yggdrasil in a party. Watch as your allies cries for heals go unanswered. Cry.

Any relevant media (images, gifs/video, etc): n/a
[Image: image0.png]
Describe the issue: you can't get the cool red name after winning a danger if you've ever won a deadly and got a black name

How to reproduce: win a deadly and then win a danger literally any time later in your entire character life, observe you do not get cool red name

(im posting this because milly complains about it a lot)
i miss mouse so much
[Image: unknown.png]
Describe the issue: Messed up lighting. It looked like it was cut in a way, if that makes sense at all.

How to reproduce: I have no idea. After I minimized the game window and opened chrome the bug went away. I re-logged a few times to see if I could get it to happen again but it did not. I don't think it's a serious bug but figured I'd report it anyway.

Any relevant media:  I was only able to capture one picture. I tried to get a GIF but as I said before I had minimized and that seemed to fix the issue. But here is that picture for an idea. It's on the left hand side of the picture there just beside the hedge row as well as in the bottom right down by the quarry and grodolom. 

[Image: 871f5d68ebf5919a0010c09fb1902af7.png]
Describe the issue: Crab Plate / Rainbow Roll food buffs bugged

How to reproduce: Eat Crab Plate / Rainbow Rolls

Any relevant media (images, gifs/video, etc): Honestly, I don't think I need to post any media, but I'll post what I saw in-game:

Ate a Crab Plate. It was listed as 8 Vit, 4 power, 6 Mana. The buff I got was instead 4 Vit, 4 Power.

Ate a Rainbow Roll. It was listed as 4 Vit, 4 Crit, 4 Agility, 4 Mana. It instead gave 6 Vit and nothing else.

Similar bugs have happened when I've eaten food before. It's just not giving what it's supposed to give, and it feels awful to have worked up to 20+ fishing for the food to just not work properly.
Describe the issue: Energy Shield is the wrong colour

How to reproduce: Use Energy Shield

 [Image: 681b2fe2ef6eff92664874eccb8fecbe.png]
(03-05-2022, 01:02 AM)Carbon Wrote: Describe the issue: Energy Shield is the wrong colour

How to reproduce: Use Energy Shield

 [Image: 681b2fe2ef6eff92664874eccb8fecbe.png]

it's not exactly wrong. Having either holy, occult or cosmic unlocked will give your energy tree a recolor.

Orangish for cosmic, gold for holy, black for occult [don't remember if it's actually active though.]
Describe the issue: Crimson Overdrive overwrites Windwalker's dash tiles (likely overwrites any other buff that grants dash tiles as well)


How to reproduce: clicking the dash button with respective abilities on


Relevant media:


With aura on: +1 (5 tiles)

[Image: unknown.png]


With stance on: +2 (6 tiles)

[Image: unknown.png]


With both on: +1 (5 tiles, stance tiles are overwritten completely by aura instead of granting +3 total combined)

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: ascellachibi2.png]
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