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Delphina's fort template, D-Fort.dmm has an issue with a void line below the building. You can build over it with the construction menu though so it's not a huge issue, but still something that should probably be fixed in the dmm.

[Image: g8OPlJL.png]
[Image: image.png]
Enjoy retirement, Vibe.
Issue: Some spells proc in twice the rate of others. This includes ticking faster when someone walks into them and applying effects that these slower aoes wouldn't

Steps to reproduce: Cast holy ground / corrupted land / star rain / any spell with lingering aoe damage underneath. Compare with one of the spells below, which are the ones that I tested; It's likely others show the same behavior.
  • Chrono Stasis
  • Time Jammer (the slow stacks on this one I believe, but that might have been my brain playing tricks on me)
  • Spatial Misdirection
To exemplify: gif

unsure if this is a bug or if it's intended behavior and these spells simply don't account for it in their numbers or if they're just meant to be really strong with that in mind
Skurns dying don't actually deal damage to the summoner. They only do so when manually unsummoned.

[Image: OiH6fCd.gif]

[Image: nudd67u.png]
[Image: Ou20Kwc.png]
Demons cannot eat food at all - thus they do not gain even energy from it.

Steps to reproduce:
Eat food, get a system message like this:
"While the taste and texture is present, this provides no nourishment, nor does it satisfy your palate."

You get no energy & can't eat food.

PS: I do know that demons can't eat food for stats, but it's weird that they cannot eat it for energy either. However, this might still be intended (which would be weird IMO but oh well).
[Image: TfL47eY.png]
Issue: When you zoom in with pork or fire crystals on your screen, they... they rebel. They don't stay put, instead move around on the screen mysteriously.

[Image: a391cd69bc226a7d17a15e5731be16ba.png]
[Image: bd6c274b3cfa1942061e910188b09a7d.png]

How to reproduce the issue: Use the zoom function with these items on the screen. Maybe it is specific to this area, I have no clue!
[Image: c603523eebb1995b6af75201658c5a0c.gif]
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