Seaside Woods[RAID] Basilisk's Stand
"I thought I wouldn't have to be doing this when I first came over here, but.."
[Image: OHjfW9b.png]
"Give me a break - such incompetence bores even me.."

[Image: nHQp6BC.png]

Fortune favors the bold

The lack of action from the house representative and their alliance with Leonaus has been met with backlash by the student body of the house. Alasdair ras Petrakis is said to have gathered a group of like-minded individuals from the House of Serpent behind the back of the current leadership, with the intent of attacking the Leonaus' dormitorium under the veil of the night. The students will be attempting to paint the building in the colors of the Basilisk, indicating independence from the less awarded household, as well as proving own superiority both in strength and resolve to a place that is supposed to represent it. Such an offensive act is meant to break the peace treaty between these two entities, effective immediately, as well as spur conflict in school hallways and the like.
And what would happen if students of Fenrir got whiff of it all, too?..
Something or another about an upcoming affair....
[Image: basiliskraidthesecond.png]
"You've heard the news, yes?"
"No, not at all, whatever could it be this time?"

"House Basilisk directing their sights to us."

"Nonsense, Miss Grimmore and I get along just swimmingly...
.. oh well, I trust you to take care of whatever this is."

"Very well."

Word reaches the esteemed representative of House Leonaus during her time set aside specifically for study, that an impromptu and dubiously sanctioned attack is to be carried out upon their grounds.
However, due to Claudia's busy schedule (and a rumored high-stakes bridge game), the coordination of defenses have been left to her trusty Vice Chairman, Mayra Zheng.
"How dramatic a presentation,
for a scheme this immature, that is."

[Image: unknown.png]

Word is the Vice-Chairman has mobilized a fragment of house Leonaus' dormmates as an extension to the Committee on Morals and Temperance.

A thorough and "clear" defensive strategy, devised by hers truly, is immortalized in the lobby's blackboard - depicting a series of maneuvers to take when the painters dare show. 

It does not appear to expect many Basilisk students to drop in for this particular ephemeris of tomfoolery.
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