radioThe Rhoynur Still Sing
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Among the Rhoynish there is a tradition of passing history with song, dance and storytelling rather than writing and keeping books. There is obvious danger in this way of keeping the knowledge of the past, a risk that some stories could be lost forever. But, this particular Rhoynur isn't willing to let history fade. A historian in her own rights, Aurella gets her people and fellow historians ready for the hunt!
The hunt for history! Stories! But, where the best stories hide, hardships have to be endured. Stories of their own to gather those of the past.
Sights are set on an old Lorespeaker, one that is likely set to pass due to their age soon. Someone staying past the lush meadows and hidden somewhere within the mountains. What stories could they have?

Attendees: Aurella Dayndros, Alanis vey Grimmore, Hain Dayndros, Callahan K. Gardios, Kana ( If you're a Rhoynish and are interested in attending, please DM me @radio#0401 )
Risk: Whatever Is Appropriate
Tone: Old Sage, Lorespeaker, Adventure to Find Lost History, Monster Hunter
Rewards: Stories/History! Monster parts! Lorespeaker/Rhoynish Relic! ( more info to be had with interested dm )
DM: why
This is another advertisement for any Rhoynish or anyone affiliated with the Dayndros family that might want to join the event. It's open, just DM me and we'll talk.
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