QuatralStarfall Committee on Morals and Temperance

"It's clear that this campus is nigh entirely devoid of morals, and good manners."

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My fellow students,
As a result of the continued moral nosedive of this Academy's students, it has become apparently necessary for a student-led initiative for restoration of both morals, and good nature.
As of today, I, Claudia vey Pelleaux, hereby found the Starfall Committee on Morals and Temperance.
A club and organization with the intention of promoting good morals and character on the campus of Starfall academy. It is the aim thereof, to restore good character to this school and its student body by necessary means. Those interested in partaking should send word to or seek our Claudia vey Pelleaux. A meeting will be announced in the coming edition of House Leonaus' newsletter.
Chairman - Claudia vey Pelleaux
Vice-Chairman - [EMPTY]
Secretary - [EMPTY]
Treasurer - [EMPTY]
The first official meeting for the Starfall Committee on Morals and Temperance, will occur in the library, quite soon.
2:30pm EST, Saturday the 20th
[Image: 215a29812e24070c7ad0dcb674025b7e.png]

As of today, the Chain of Command has been adjusted and updated of Year 1884 AC.

Chairman - Claudia vey Pelleaux
Vice-Chairman - Mayra Zheng
Secretary - Jeanne Bennette
Treasurer - Maël Moreau

A new statement has been issued by Chairman Claudia; the use of excessive force in apprehending immoral students is approved of, and encouraged.
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