TheProwlingScorcherScorchers Discord Ban Appeal
Key: TheProwlingScorcher#5374

The admin that banned you: Ferrous most likely.

Ban Duration: Indefinite

Date of Ban: N/A

Reason Supplied: Toxicity, Stubbornness.

Summarize your side of the story, as well as why you think you should be unbanned:

During my time in the spires discord, I engaged a sensitive topic with a person 
that I don't plan to disclose due to privacy reasons, one that provoked a lot of anger and unwanted feelings in me. And when I was warned to stop by the actions by admin in question, I not only failed to listen. And in my provoked state, not only encouraged him to ban me but used the discord link to rejoin every time I was kicked and to dodge a role.

Now, the first thing I would like to do is apologize for my stubbornness and Ignorant actions. Angered or not, it is not a justification for wrong-doing, selfishness, or hubris.  And I would rather provide a sincere apology rather than do to reverse a discord ban. I don't want to be that person that aims to make the environment of the game unappealing for everyone else involved. I don't want to become that person that makes it a chore every time they see me speak in discord. Why? Because some of these people come back from work, perhaps going through something and use this game as a form of escape, or just want to plain enjoy themselves.

Discord is another opportunity for players to interact with one another, and engage in conversation with one another. To project emotions and enjoyment as well as provide a viewpoint that you may not have thought about beforehand. I admit I took this privilege for granted and often used it to project frustrations, and would get angered when they were subjected to criticism. Even more so to project vitriol upon others even when their scrutiny possessed merit to it. Sometimes it wasn't even scrutiny and because I perceived it wrongly, I lashed out regardless of the context and the situation.

This year, I took a step back and aimed to place more emphasis on social interactions, during that time I learned to more so respect opposing opinions and even ones I would push against argumentatively would keep the consideration of the emotions of the other when doing so, rather aiming to provoke thought than to attempt to simply provoke the person itself. And pushed me to move against 
the mentality that often trapped me before. And whilst I am working on speaking on a less obscene term online, I still don't go out of my way to direct that upon other people around me... And don't plan to resort to Ad hominem. Even when the provocation is very tempting, ignoring or even muting the person in question can be just as effective.

With that said, I still believe that damage has been done, and I still have a weight on my chest. And perhaps provided many others with disdain in the discord, and I understand that change may not come so easy for some of you. And for those that truly feel wronged by me, I truly want to make it right. If you feel this way, my discord handle is TheProwlingScorcher#5374. The very least I can do is apologize and set my actions straight. As for all of you who took their time to read this. Thank you, and I hope you have a great day.
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