TheoriBarsburg: Scouting Force Alpha
"Children of the Empire! My loyal comrades! For too long have with let the Essharans spit on us, make a mockery of our glorious Machine! They laugh in the face of us, thinking they won. But, my fellows, I will tell you the truth: it was not their victory, but the failure of those in charge to do what they needed to. They left Achyon alone, let it be weakened by the corruptive influence of the Docro filth that claimed to be the best of us while they peddled their poison! We should have scourged the scum of the city when we had the chance, and see what has become of it without us, little but a crater in the ground infested by monsters.

Our new 'Imperator' is naught but a weak, spineless fool! 'Leave them alone', he says, pretending he's speaking for the betterment of the Empire and not out of fear that his weakness will be exposed, incompetent offensive leadership revealed to the world! Have we forgotten the Invasion of the 1740s? They will not leave us alone, and why should we not punish them for their hubris? The time has come, my friends, to show the Essharans the true might of the Empire! When we return, with the head of Eos and their Fireblooded's precious Garljing, we will prove that we are the inheritors of this continent! If the Imperial Council is weak, then to Hel with them! We will return to the cheers and exaltation of the citizenry, heroes of the Empire! For the glory of the Empire! For the Machine!"

-Commander Mika Tarpova to the 5th, 6th, and 7th Mechanised Infantry Divisions, 1877 AC.
[Image: vcYC3Lp.jpg]

The Tarpova Expeditionary Force marches on Esshar, but in advance it sends Scouting Force Alpha. It is comprised of several of the more promising Magi in the Tarpova's ranks predominantly from the Infantry and Commandos, selected for their ability and willingness to go behind enemy lines to disrupt their foes in preparation for Tarpova's incursion.

Their goals are largely unknown, save to set the scene for Tarpova's invasion. Equipped with the expected Imperial weaponry and armaments, their arrival in the region foretells calamity should they be successful.

OOC Notes:
  • Several openings for a role as a Barsburgian Loyalist. You call Mika Tarpova Commander, and are expected to be fanatically loyal to her and the ideal of the Machine Doctrine.
  • Selected applicants will be granted 150 rpl to start, and basic equipment to get things going.
  • Two of the applicants will be Officers, with a slightly higher starting rpl+something else.
  • A small starting area with a FOB.
  • The group will be given goals to achieve to offer some initial direction, and tied into the public Barsburg events coming!
Applications close on Sunday, so no time to waste!
These close in an hour!
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