QuatralUnder the Guns of Halcyon
"For too long the land of Esshar has been graced with our Empire's disinterest. My superiors? They call me insane, a fool...
I will prove them wrong."

[Image: barsburginvasionevent.png]
For some time now, the war machine of Barsburg has been silent along the coasts of Esshar, its final remnant in Achyon reduced to little but cinders by the dying light of the Phoenix Chamber. Yet once more does it stir...
The rogue Commander Mika Tarpova sets sail from Aegis in disgrace, intent on restoring her Empire's honor and that of her men in an unsanctioned invasion of Esshar. Barsburg's failure on the backwater continent remains a stain for its legacy, something Tarpova rightly intends to rectify in their arrival on the continent. Rogue elements of Barsburg's mechanised infantry have already begun digging in on an island off-shore, preparing for an eventual land-fall upon Esshar itself.
[Image: barsburginvasionevent2.png]
News reaches the public in the opening weeks of Tarpova's arrival on the isle of Halcyon... and already industrious Essharans plot a counter-offensive to destabilize the force before it can land. Still, the fortified volcanic installation swarms with the troops of the mechanised regiment, preparing for their violent insurrection.
OOC Note: This will likely be the first event in a series of events (how this one goes will probably decide its scope and scale!), so feel free to sign on and see what's up. Probably going to be occurring the weekend of the 30th, DM Quatral#8880 on discord for more details if interested.
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