ludsterFestival of the Hallowed Eve
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Amidst the controversy of rumors circulating before the lips of Esshar, and despite the harrowing abnormalities that has happened around the area prior, Waystone Inn returns with a vengeance as another of its frequent events glide into flyers and hearsays of those in-tune to the draw of merriment and joy. A night of reverie, one which provokes the shroud of the night and pulls it forth as a vessel of entertainment and carouse. You know what they say, after all, the best way to shake off fearfulness is the bombasity of one's actions.
Ergo, a circulating announcement has been brought forth by the Proprietor of Waystone Inn herself. A festival which will be a host for the grandest party Esshar will be beholden to in the past decade. One where masks are required while inhibition is expected to be left right by the door. One that derives its name from an old forgotten child's tale, aimed to scare the children into discipline, now used as the appellation that will bring forth the joyous occasion:
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“Before this occasion, let your minds wander.
Ignore your woes for a single night and let your problems fade as the alcohol slips in.
A night of joy, a night of merriment, a night where you don't have to be yourself.
For one night only, slip your mask on and be who you've always wanted to be.
Don't let their judgement sway you from what you truly are, hee-hee!”
A night to unwind, an eve to cease facades, and a time to show the world who you truly are. The entirety of Esshar is invited to this and it is expected that guests will be at their utmost behavior. Bring your own masks, your own facades, for in this party, no one will know your true selves. Titles, achievements, rancor, all will be shed from you for as long as you revel in this party. No basis to judge, no ideals to expect, only the words you carry will hold sway.
Oh, won't you join us? Or will you forever cower from the influences of the night?
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This World Event will occur at the general area of Waystone Inn on October 29, Friday at 6:30PM EST.

OOC Party Guidelines:
  • Attendees are expected to arrive in masks and must wear them until the end of the festivities. 
  • Those in masks (regardless of if it's a mechanical disguise or not) cannot be identified during this event (even if you can find out by right clicking their character).
  • Meta-ing who's who during this event will result in you getting the boot from participating. We're here to have fun!
  • Don't start a ruckus. There will be better times for it. You'll have something else to do this time around (-:
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