BabyFatJesusUpon Honest Wings
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A message runner arrives within the city of Osrona, though there is nothing particularly special about this one.
They don't even seem to be heading towards anywhere of great importance.
They do find a particular squire however.
They are handed a letter in return and a small box.
Written in a neat, flowing script is a response.
[Image: VaWGjyf.jpg]

Why would I be proud of you?
You have been nothing but a disappointing child since the first moment of our meeting.
Everything you cling to in that rotten city is nothing but dead weight. A lie that you've bought into for so long, you can no longer see your way out of. I know now what it would have taken to lead you out from behind those walls that entrap you and under Naysien's wing. It just so happens to align with another goal of mine.

Within the small box, they will find a set of paintbrushes atop a palette.
Another letter is set within.

Quote:Was that drawing supposed to be of me?
It is horrible.

If you are going to draw someone, at least try to do them justice.
Enclosed within this box is a set of painters tools.
Stop being a disappointment. Be better.
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