TheoriThe Great Hunt
The Tribelands of Rhoynur have long enjoyed a positive relationship with the city of Ilburg, and with the rise of Galamea they have extended that same hand of friendship to the newly established Rhoynish settlement. 

Amongst the trivial talk of proposed trade routes and diplomatic agreements, the Tribelands have been sure to set an interesting backdrops; these talks will happen in the Forest of Basil, named for the High Lord who took that first great step to recovering from the Conquest. Recent rumours, however, have also proposed that the Forest has acquired a dangerous new occupant...

[Image: basilisk.png]
A Basilisk.

Hunting such a creature is exceedingly dangerous, but the Rhoynish have never backed away from a chance at a fight, and a hunt like this would certainly make adults of those who still wear the silver...

OOC Notes:

This is an event for the people of Galamea, with players of Approved Role Apps and those who would ICly seek their Rite of Passage encouraged in particular. The leaders of the settlement are encouraged to select a party of between 5-10 PCs and then DM me at Theori#5636

This event IS CoD, so be aware.
[Image: mbMqYvQ.png]
By the bravery of the warriors of Galamea was the Basilisk of the Forest of Basil slain!
[Image: mbMqYvQ.png]
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