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It was a lie, deep down.
She was just a pawn.
They had been lying to her. They had always been lying.
Abandon your faith.

After a certain night, the High Keeper of the Celestial Church returned from one of her increasingly many frequent outings. Not only did 
she hold the blade of Eos’ Champion, Urias, in her grip, but it was clear she was terribly injured. Not just of body, but of mind and spirit. 
A hole gaped in her chest, and surprisingly enough for the first time in recent memory she looked as if she had been crying.

Ever since that day, the presence of Myrine was little. She would lock herself in her room, and then go to the church and back again. She 
never spoke to anyone and she refused treatment from anyone and everyone.

“Let my faith uphold me under all my trials? What if there is no faith? What if it was always just a lie?”

Eventually, one day, she set out to discover for herself whether or not her entire life had been a giant lie or not. Much like one before her, 
her adventure sets her off beyond Osrona to an ancient temple that housed a certain order of Knights thought to be lost to the mists of time. 

Character: Myrine
Attendees: Those who ask?
Tone: Lore heavy
Risk: CoD
Reward: Caliburn, healing of faith
DM: This Could Be You

(Feel free to message me here on the forums to arrange things)
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