BotanistThe Royal Osronan Constabulary, or; The City Watch
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Brief History
The City Watch, officially referred to as the Royal Osronan Constabulary, was first established in the year 691 AC as a militia formed by the free citizens of the city of Osrona. With much of the Order of the First Light embarking towards Nuburg to break the siege upon the city that followed the beginning of the Bastard's Rebellion, leaving behind only a small garrison of knights, it quickly became clear that Osrona required an organization whose primary duty was to police the city and the surrounding townships. Thus, the City Watch was originally formed under the name The Citizen Army. Aside from receiving it's current name in 1234 AC, the requirements to join the City Watch have more or less remained the same: be a citizen of Esshar, be free (i.e, not an indentured servant or slave,) and be, at least, the age of sixteen. Since then, the City Watch has kept the peace - or whatever passes for it - in Osrona.


The City Watch, naturally, has less stringent requirements on joining than the Order of the First Light; "training" in the City Watch often consists of a newly recruited member walking a beat with a more experienced member, learning as they go along. The majority of recruits come from the lower-to-middle classes, owing to the fact that noblemen who want to serve their country often join the more prestigious and grandiose Order of the First Light. The pay is not the best, but it's not the worst, and there's always room for advancement. Outside of major operations - like dealing with a riot or arresting a powerful criminal, both of which are done in conjunction with the Order - the majority of guards patrol a specific area with one other guard and are responsible for keeping the peace there.

  • The City Watch serves as Osrona's primary civilian police force, often dealing with crimes too minor to bother the Order with, such as petty theft, muggings, vagrancy, and overall disorderly conduct, like brawling.
  • During the most dire of times - such as during the Humiliation of the Rhoynur - it is not uncommon for the City Watch, owing to it's size and the plethora of physically fit non-magi within her ranks, to march to war with the Order of the First Light.
  • Enforcing the law is paramount; protecting the public from harm is another responsibility of the City Watch.

The main issue that the City Watch is facing today is the sudden rise of terrorism in Osrona; not as skilled and magically talented as the Order of First Light, members of the City Watch often make appealing targets to terrorists, and even common criminals. There are certain parts of the city that members of the Watch think twice about entering. The sewers are, more or less, considered a no-go zone. Corruption, as well, has always been an issue that plagued the City Watch, but it almost never goes beyond some common criminal paying off a guard to look the other way. If members of the Watch were found to be engaging in criminal acts, the scandal would be enormous.

(wrote this because there seems to be nothing on the city watch aside from that it exists)
Cool, thanks! I do believe the City Watch lore is in progress, but this may be helpful.
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