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See this thread in regards to the recent changes that coincide with the setting update!

Now nearing the end of the eighteenth century, the near two hundred year battle between the Empire of Barsburg and Esshar has come to a hopeful conclusion. The collapse of its colony, Achyon, and the withdrawal of all support from the mainland was met with triumphant cries of victory within the country, managing to push back and escape the domination of the magitech superpower. 

The victory was by no means without sacrifices, and maintaining the peace even less. In the wake of the dissolution of Achyon and its decline, new enemies emerged within the chaos, the infamous Docro Family and a vampiric menace to the east. Fractured enemies that were likely as troublesome to handle given they were magi of great power rather than a sole army. And to this day those that flirt with fel magic continue to be a problem,  but through an era of relative stability the Petrakis Monarchy has ushered in a new era of prosperity and stability within Osrona and its city states. The Crown Guard, Order of the First Light, and Church stand as a bulwark of light to this continued growth.

Now, a new chapter turns. While many might consider the current threats easily dealt with compared to the prior era, do not be so comforted. It is in the shadows, unseen, where the malignant forces fester and grow. 

Barricaded beyond snowy mountains, human prisoners are sacrificed. 
Under the eye of a blood moon, a coven of witches gather. 
In the ruins of Asphodel's lawlessness, a band of monstrous brigands assemble.

Available Roles

These roles are to support and encourage the growth of independent groups throughout Esshar. Depending on your age, you begin with starter RPL.
160 RPL is the standard, then 180 RPL if 18 or older. You may also be given leadership bonuses depending on the quality of your entry (extra RPL / a hidden!)
This is aimed at those without a character at the moment, or someone looking to start something fresh: it should be your main focus.

Apply with this form!

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Eclipse Coven

A new coven of witches is on the rise, independent of the Twilight Coven. Numerous apprentices make up its ranks, meeting together in hood and cloak under the light of a full moon. These witch aspirants come from all corners of Esshar, some descendants of cursed bloodlines and others those who turned to the depths in moments of desperation. But they all share the mark of the Devil and the collective fate of their Coven.

Begins with apprentice witchcraft.
Assigned DM - Chance

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The Rhoynish Fort - Erradir

Ever since the Rhoynish stronghold was established, it has been a calling to its people. A yearning to return to the days when the clans could topple entire kingdoms for the right price. The golden-eyed warriors continue to aspire to reach unseen heights within this unsteady climate.

Bypasses race rebirth requirements. Begins with a silver arm ring.
Assigned DM - Theori

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Brigands of Asphodel

After Queen Marina's destructive rampage through the Shadowmire and Academy, the throne of Asphodel was left vacant as she departed with a bang. The city, once ruled by an iron fist, turned to lawlessness and banditry, becoming a haven for those wishing to escape the law and live by rule of might. Bandit camps can be seen across the murky pastures, even ogres freely roaming the land. Once loyal warlords have went rogue and independent.  Brigands will also undoubtedly find work at The Family's manor on the outskirts of the ruins of Pauper should they wish to deviate.

Begins with an enhanced variant of Thief. 
Assigned DM - Avajain

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Draconic Templars

Hearing of the boldness of the rising drakanites within Garljing's Coat, a number of similarly minded dragonborn have went south from the mountains of Theria to join the cause. The old ways: sacrificing fire and blood to appease their greater deities. These bold drakanites are fuelled by their individual ambitions and desires, whether it's gold, power, fame, or something more particular. 

Begins with a soulbound draconic crest.
Assigned DM - Chance
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We'll be DMing Applicants starting tomorrow. Role apps close 72 hours from this post. Thank you!
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