TheoriA New Era - OOC
Since we did the feedback poll, we’ve been reviewing the results, sifting through the wealth of information those of you who responded provided. We care about the game, and about the community, and if certain recent salt threads have shown anything, it’s that you want change. This is not going to address everything; it can’t because that's a herculean effort, but we do hear you. As such, effective from the time of this post I’m taking up the position as Head Admin, as Chance has been taking a step back as of late. I’m going to pre-emptively answer probably the most pertinent question now:

  1. Why should we trust anything will actually change? I can’t tell you this’ll be a perfect run, that all your problems will be solved and the game will ascend into an apex it's never before seen. I can say I’m going to do my best - and naturally, so will the rest of the admin team - to make things in the game fun and interesting, and make things in the community healthy and open.

So! Time to talk about my manifesto. The following are the ideas I have currently most in my head, and will be looking to implement as soon as is reasonably possible. You’ll likely recognise some of them from your own suggestions, or things I’ve been a little bit...strong-feeling’d about in the past. There are three key areas I cover which also happen to be the three key pillars of the game: Staff, Setting/Game, and Community.

  • More transparency internally. Instead of just Head Admins, anyone Tenured or higher will have access to admin logs, so there’ll be a stronger focus on internal policing. There’ll be some changes/clarifications to admin positions as well, so you know who to talk to about what.
  • Bringing in more mods! With the departure of a few Admins we’re looking to add more in. If you think you’d be a good fit, or want to be the change you want to see, think about applying! A form will be at the bottom.
  • Quality Control. Speaking plainly, we want to make sure the staff team actually cares about and is investing in the game and its world, not merely enjoying a power trip. I think this is mostly the case right now, but we want to keep it that way. I’ve personally in the past been a bit annoying about infoboxes and lore additions etc etc because I love the game. I love the setting. I want to see it expanded. I want people to enjoy themselves, to be able to engage with the deeper lore if they want, to have it there for them. This is amazing escapism, but it needs to be able to offer something for everyone, and admins should be the ones helping do that!
  • We’ll be taking a lot of the current guides that exist to see if they need adjustment or additions. A rules revision is coming, but editing this and hashing everything out is a task all on its own. To give you a glimpse of what's to come, all Public Rulings will be incorporated into the official rules as part of this revision.

  • We’d like to increase public events and minor expeditions. Not everything has to be a Temple of Eos dive, but some smaller things can be cute as well. To this end, we’ll be opening up volunteer positions for DMs similar to the beginning of this era. If you’d like to be involved, keep an eye out for them! A schedule for these will be added as channel to the discord, to make it a bit easier to keep up with.
  • We want to engage more with PVE aspects. We’ve got a war going on, but what else is going on in the world? Oh, a particularly vicious wolf pack is stalking near Moxtli’s ruins attacking traders, rumours say led by a Saekanis-touched wolf. Is Vashrana planning an invasion? What's going on in Barsburg, Aen, Magnolia? Through this, we want to make cool stories, but also generate hooks for people to take advantage of if they want, either through events or character concepts.
  • World Arcs. These would be work but it's on the list of ambitions! Threats for multiple factions, opportunities for cooperation and conflict with forces external to the typical settlements, ECs, the whole shebang.
  • We’ll be offering small rewards for contributing to the wiki in desired areas. The exact circumstances are still under discussion, but I’m personally thinking at least a bit of AP, scaling depending on your contribution. If you write a whole page that just needs some editing (or even doesn’t!) it’d be a higher scaled reward than just dot points, for example. Keep an eye out for these, and feel free to suggest some yourself!
  • Role Hooks. These should ideally be semi-regular hooks to encourage new player concepts where we think there’s a lack. Osrona starting to look less populated? Start out at 150rpl as a knight, 120 rpl as a Squire, or maybe a minor noble family is coming back from another city! Want some coven shenanigans? Acolytes are being summoned. Want an EC? Here’s the place. World Arc about some Barsburg extremists carrying out operations in Esshar going on that could use a bit of spice? Open a hook for a few operatives! Coordinated well, we feel that these could really inject a bit of life into the game and help people get invested when typical character creation without an initial direction can be hard to settle into. The first of these has already been introduced today!
  • Setting Updates. Simple thing of at the end of every big arc, or per 20 ingame years, etc, a forum post summarising the time since the last one and a quick summary of the existing settlements, and major plotlines if any exist. Easy way for newcomers to get the gist of the world, and makes coming back after a break more approachable. We may open these a bit to others to offer suggestions for information they think is important!
  • Craftable Dev Items. A lot of dev items from events and the like are things that NPCs make. So...people should be able to make them. In short the current basic idea is: add a new Journal Subforum subforum, ‘Dev Items’. People put in dev, the *basic* ingredients they used, and how they would rate the ‘strength’ of the dev item; F being a regular ingredient, B being for example an ‘Elemental Crystal’ that's combo of a bunch of fire/wind/earth/water/lightning  crystals, and S being like… Primordial shards. For S and above, you’d be eventing for the items or combining several A+ items together. A single journal admin can unilaterally approve anything <A grade, so it won’t be likely anyone’s waiting too long. Additionally, we have a notion about making more automated mechanically versions of the new crafting Masterwork abilities. Ideally, this will cut down on the necessity of events and mitigate the frustration of being unable to have one run.

  • An open subforum to talk about the game. Not spoilers/metagaming, but what’s good right now, what’s bad right now, what could be improved right now. Fostering open communication and listening doesn’t hurt, and we want to hear and most importantly take on feedback about things. Making it open, encouraging it to be more ‘how can I, a player, help this game get better’ and its own thing rather than the immediate tar of ‘salt’ from being in the Salt Mines will - I hope - put people in a better mindspace if they want to contribute. The name of the game here is ‘constructive’; raging against the machine - as always - has its place in Salt Mines.
  • Mentors. This is something that we’ll be looking to do in the nearish-future. With this, we’d like to ‘deputise’ some willing players to be able to be approached by newbies for questions and the like. We’ll give those who’re willing to become mentors a role in the discord to indicate it, and possibly a ‘Mentor’ channel separate from Questions for them to be specifically asked newbie questions. This is for those who are willing to dedicate ten minutes here and there to make someone has a good experience starting out. I’m still workshopping this, so if you have thoughts as to how it could be done, feel free to suggest them, especially if you’re a newer player yourself!
  • Just generally trying to make sure that over time, the additions we make result in the health of the community. You’re all the lifeblood of this game; we want you to feel heard, and to see that we appreciate that.

That's all from me, folks! 

Btw, you now all have to legally play this game upside down to make me more comfortable, unless you're Australian already.
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