ryou's doodles
First 2021 stuff. Another one incoming.
Two characters= $15
One characters= $10
I will draw your pairs, don't be shy.
These had tips added on so I put in more detail.
I'm often given creative liberty with commissions.
Tried some new things...
I like the colors.
Fennel and Violet.
[Image: marco_commission_2321.png]
Titus and Guinevere.
[Image: koden_commission_2621.png]
And end of 2020... yaayyyy
A rat and a noble
[Image: pinhead_commision_121720.png]
[Image: pinhead_121720.png]
My husband.

[Image: milly_commission_121320.png]
Dimitri and Alexei fighting with music.
I guess Alexei plays piano now. It's canon.
Now for the other two... or five commissions I have.
Feel free to DM me if you're interested.
I work really well without any real direction.
[Image: nerdlord_commission_21821.png]
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