ryou's doodles
[Image: lBfnIZy.png]
He isn't dead yet. Treat 'em nicely...
I loved this one a lot.
Do feel free to DM me for a commission if you're interested! ry0un0suke#6117
Just $5 for one character $8 for two~
[Image: wolf_commission_22320.png]
Mad dog Lumi.
[Image: sake_commission_3920.png]
I've been quietly wanting to draw Aki and Alyssa... and here they are!
[Image: frozen_commission_31920.png]
Some commissions~ Lukas and Not-The-Crystal-Exarch-A'Neje!
[Image: togetic_commission_31920.png]
Also Miran~~
[Image: chance_commission_41320.png]
Serea would definitely have fancy wear and her sword...
And the baby? Hello?
I have zero motivation currently but, if you're interested, you can DM me and I will try my absolute best!
[Image: flipper_commission_41820.png]
A cute Teraphim, Biru!
Motivation is still a little funny but, I'll do what I can!
I have a cool idea for the future...
[Image: ce0d61e89cdade0bffa20b0088029bfd.png]
an intermission doodle...?
[Image: 36a355d1838b0bdf51f95e5be1f8ffcb.png]
a real doodle of a good bean.
enjoy these massive phone pictures of my bordeom at work. featuring some mandarin, some incorrect because i forgot how to write two of them... doodles and jianyu/del. lacked a pencil so we're out here with the sharpie sketches uh haha...
for the mandarin, if you're curious 'hi my name is ri. i think you're beautiful. hello. i like...'
[Image: IMG_20200627_124338.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20200627_130531.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20200627_180017.jpg]
truly wonder people. the clergy dream team... we'll have to link once more...
[Image: milly_commission_63020.png]
A cute Astor with an old letter from someone special. Commissions aren't exactly open but... Yeah...! Motivation is still whonky as ever.
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