StarMannGate Crashers
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Beneath the city of Ilburg lies ancient ruins that are linked back to Njorun himself. While the ruins themselves have been cleansed as of late beneath the city still lies Njorun's gate. A door into the eternal battlefield beyond where the ancestors reside in constant combat with the forces of Hel. There is a damaged artifact in the Rhoynish possession that calls the spirits from the gate but it has as of late been rather useless.

So of course the only sensible idea is to travel beyond to gate to try and get the ancestors aid in repairing it. Let's just hope I've mapped out the right path so that we don't end up in Hel...

Character: Katrana Hauklos
Attendees: Kaine & Co
Discord: StarMan#4745
Tone: Spiritual, methodical, stupid
Risk: CoD
Rewards: Wayfinding dev/Repairs to the Horn of Njorun

DM: :^)

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[Image: Ou20Kwc.png]
Its time to repay those favors. Me Dm
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