XaldianXaldian Ban Appeal
Key: VforVirginia

The admin that banned you: No idea

Ban Duration: No Idea

Date of Ban: 12/17/19

Reason Supplied: Spamming RPs

I want to start off with. I'm sorry. I've told many that I already am. What I did was wrong and while I knew it was wrong I did it anyways. I don't have much time to rp through out the day. I knew of others who were doing this since from what I've heard the launch of Eternia 3. So I thought to join in, which was an idiotic idea. I love this game so much and I'm very sorry for what I did. I know I won't ever do this again. I know this was my fault and mine alone. This my first offense and I'll make sure it is my last if given another chance. :
You'll be unbanned in 1 week (the 25th), and your RPL will be docked by 50. Please do not do this in the future as it'll mean much harsher consequences.
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