ailThe White Wolf
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"...of the many demons that once sprawled across Esshar there are few who's names are remembered. Once again they've become no more than legend, not even used as tales to keep children in line due to the invasion of Cain's Cursed. But, the legend of the White Wolf lives on. Some claim they've seen it, a hulking beast of a predator. Others claim they've a den where they keep their prized possessions and various tributes."
Quote:Time and date: Not scheduled
Dm: No dm yet
Goal: Rob Ilysander and stab some of his kids so he can be disappointed
in them.
Rewards: A chiron and spooky mats to make anti spook materials
Risk: We're trying to rob an ancient demons den and skin demons to make suits out of them probably high, man
Extra stuff: It's going to be at least two weeks before we need this ran but I understand that it can take a while to make a proper event plan for something like this so I'm going to go ahead and post it.
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