tetsuochiiBan Appeal [Jimin]
Key: Aogi (Several others in chain.)

The admin that banned you: Unsure.

Ban Duration: Permanent I presume.

Date of Ban: 12/17/19


Honestly this is difficult to plea, as i was entirely in the wrong. The reason I was banned, which effected a chain upon all of my characters - most being organically developed, was that I abused the system to gain RPL by spamming RPs. I’m aware that this was.. grimy to say the least, and I’d like to plea toward this appeal with complete honesty instead of coming off as groveling only because I was caught and received concequence. I learned that there were ways to blatantly abuse AP gains due to little restrictions as far as how it is rewarded. Generally speaking, you could emote gibberish or anything from a source to gain AP. I realize this is cheesy, and disrespectful to the staff team as well as the community who plays organically - but it was something of a forbidden fruit to be bitten. I did so, and took it too far. For that I’d like to admit the error in my ways and apologize entirely. I’m sure my actions have diminished any amount of trust that I could be worthy of, so this apology probably means little. My primary hope for being unbanned is that my main character was completely organically developed, known by many who can attest it to be so and my RPL stands to reflect as much. I’d prefer the identity to be anonymous to public display due to my shame. If I can be forgiven I’d willingly dispose of any characters who I abused the system with and continue to organically play on my primary character. I realize that asking this is asking that you put trust in me that it won’t happen again, and my actions have cause for little trust to be given but believe me when I say that being banned has been a taste of reality that set me straight. I realize the time and effort I’ve put into this and enjoyed every bit of it. I formally request that my plea be considered and you place trust that this issue won’t happen again. Not on my behalf anyway.

To note other things, my characters who manipulated the system were never utilized in any form of danger to other characters or lore/event relations. Honestly I was using them for means of restricted combat only.

I’m sincerely sorry for the manipulation, disrespect & abuse. I hope you can take a chance to allow me to prove my words truth with actions. Thank you for your time.
how dare these niggas rp this shit
You'll be unbanned in 1 week (the 25th), and your RPL will be docked by 50. Please do not do this in the future as it'll mean much harsher consequences.
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