StarMannA somewhat brief history on the Rhoynish
The Origin of the Rhoynish people

In the heart of aegis sits Mount Erradir, an imposing, unconquerable mountain. Within lies a divine artifact, the World Anchor, rooted to the very core of the planet itself, this device acts as a preventative measure against spells that threaten Eternia as a whole, perhaps being the one thing that has prevented the sundering of the world by such threats in the past. The people who settled around the mountain began to revere both it and the device within. A significant fortification was constructed and these people began to defend the World Anchor from the ever rising threat of witchcraft and occultism.

In the middle of the second century the primordial Njorun, disguising himself as a mortal came to these Erradiran people. He taught them strategy, tactics and war. Transforming them from an already formidable people to an unstoppable army and began a crusade against those under the influence of Helheim. Those that chose to join him became known as the first Rhoynish, while those that remained behind became the Mountain’s eternal protectors.

The Rhoynish travelled with Njorun, never staying for too long in one place as they routed out and destroyed the denizens of Helheim wherever they could be found. Upon his death, Njorun blessed his people allowing them to rejoin him after death in the eternal battle against the forces of Helheim. With their leader gone, eventually the people shattered into clans, being led by a High Lord or Lady and keeping these nomadic ways, passing down the teachings of Njorun through their Lorespeakers and Priestesses.

The Rhoynish people revere their ancestors and Njorun himself, often consulting them through ritual and prayer to guide their actions. However there is no organised religion beyond individual holy men and women. The will of Njorun is what all Rhoynish base their decisions upon and as such they seek out to destroy those with a connection to Helheim and specifically, the Dark Lord and his minions. A Rhoynish would never form a pact with the denizens of Hel of their own free will.

The Coalition
In the following years after Njorun’s mortal death, the clans spread across the lands and created the lands of Rhoynur. Retaining their nomadic ways, the people of Rhoynur spent most of their lives in a constant patrol of their lands, finding and eradicating any Helbound threat they came across. During these times there was no singular leader of the people as nobody believed they could match up to the leadership of their Primordial.

Their lives were never peaceful however as nearby Kingdoms increased in hostilities and began to push back on the Rhoynish people, their nomadic ways proving difficult to uphold during a defensive war. Eventually a Coalition was formed between the People of Rhoynur and the Kingdoms of Barsburg, Hart, and Leiya. Initially the alliance was unsteady but overtime, the Rhoynish people adapted as the Barsburg Empire was formed.

Many clans strayed away from their initial purpose during this time. Many became elite soldiers that would fight for the Crown rather than for any spiritual purpose. One of the most popular professions during this time was as a Gladiator, often earning these individuals money, fame and sometimes even influence within the empire itself. During this time a Leader was appointed to the Rhoynish people, the High Lord/Lady. They acted in much the similar way a monarch would.

After serving the empire for close to 400 years, the Rhoynish eventually split from the empire. The High Lady, Natasa Dayndros, was proposed to by the Emperor. She refused, demanding that he best her in a public spectacle. They took to the Colosseum and the Emperor sent out his best warriors and beasts, however they all ultimately fell until all that was left was the Emperor himself. Upon his defeat, the Rhoynish people were exiled from the empire and, deciding that they had strayed from the path, attempted to return to their nomadic ways though they retained the notion of having a High Lord/Lady.

The Conquest of Rhoynur

A thousand years after their cessation from the empire, the Rhoynish people had settled one major city within the lands of Rhoynur and had spent the centuries losing sight of their original purpose as hunters of Hel. Their time within the Empire had given them a more martial and materialistic view of the world resulting in a practice of banditry and raiding. All of the leadership of the people were centralised within the city while people still live their day to day lives out in the country.

The day to day lives mostly consisted of invading neighbouring lands and with increased raids into the Kingdom of Esshar tensions began to rise. Esshar’s lack of response allowed the Rhoynish to push to the city of Hessalia, unprepared for a siege, the town surrendered to the forces within a week. The city was raised and most inhabitants slaughtered.

This action forced Esshar into a war with the Nation of Rhoynur.

Following their loss at the hands of the Essharan armies, the Rhoynish people were put into slavery and many of their practices were outlawed.


Roughly 50 years after the enslavement of the Rhoynish people, one clan, Clan Ilian, managed to escape from their bindings of slavery and settled the city of Ilburg within the deserts. Their city was built upon existing ruins which were discorver to have ties back to Njorun himself. A hidden city was constructed in the ruins beneath Ilburg, beneath the temple to Njorun.

The City’s main source of income was banditry and theft yet they were successful enough to attract other escaped clans and stray Rhoynish causing the population to swell past normal Rhoynish groups. Eventually, this drew the attention of Osrona who believed the city of Ilburg to be a den for Occultism. An inquisition followed but eventually Ilburg’s name is cleared leading to an alliance with Osrona resulting in the Gate of Njorun being fixed and purging it of all Nethradin influence.

Over the years Ilburg lost most of its Rhoynish identity, morphing to more of a cultural bastion for all peoples. In the recent years all Rhoynish slavery has been abolished within the areas surrounding Esshar and all previous items of heritage were returned.

Clan Ilian -

Clan Hauklos - A very martial clan, originally they served as a close range force within Njorun’s armies, acting as both the shield and spear. While within the Barsburg Empire they spent their time honing their skills as gladiators, often amassing great fortune as well as great ire from within the more noble circles of the empire. After their exodus from the empire they took to mercenary work, gravitating towards hunting great beasts.

Clan Llandir - Often considered an anomaly within the Rhoynish society. The clan takes to runewriting, often tattooing extensive networks of runes across their arms. The clan originally studied the divine magic of the World Anchor, managing to replicate some of its protective magics. The magic is still rooted in faith but it is faith in the Clan’s ancestors to provide strength during difficult times. The clan spend their time travelling between Rhoynish settlements, ensuring they have adequate protection.

Clan Kathos - The closest Clan to Njorun, naming themselves after the surname Njorun adopted in his mortal form. The clan fervently hunts down the occult and those who have ties to Helheim. Often seen as fanatic to outsiders they do not rest until they eradicate all sources of the foul magic in an area before moving on. Their methods are indiscriminate and are often considered brutally excessive.

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