mat13295Bloodhunters: The Agana twins
The cursed blood magi lineage begins anew.
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Blood, BoneHoly, Ex-Swordswoman
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Your Biological Mother and prior to your birth, the only surviving member of the Agana lineage. She used to be a vampire hunter prior to old age creeping up on her and numerous injuries putting her more into a supportive role. Oh, and you two kids of course. She's the strict type but clearly not a hard ass about it. She just wants to see you both reach your true potential even if she comes across as harsh sometimes. She currently works as an artificer within Osrona.
What you would have adopted and learned from her:
-The Agana curse. Basically, you have very wild, somewhat uncontrollable blood magic. She will have helped you refined it and get a grip over such magic. It also manifests in your hair. You'll have scarlet red or crimson red hair.
-Basic first aid. If you wish to become a medic, you'll be able to learn more from her-
-Hunting, spotting and hiding tracks, skinning of animals...And vampires.-
-Artificing, more specifically, blood forging.-
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Your father was a random Felinae prostitute. You're likely not going to know much if anything about them.
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Poppy O' Yonder
 Your second mother, Poppy, is a craftswoman and spiritually sensitive Felinae that worships faes. She eve has a large mural in the house dedicated to them and her anscestors that she makes sacrifices to. She's likely the more typical motherly type. Caring, sweet, not wanting to see you come to any form of harm. A capable woman that will likely outfit you with any gear you may ever need, as well as assisting you with anything involving the spirit realm.
What you would have learnt from her:
-To revere faes and to respect any you come across-
-Artificing and alchemy-
-Lore about spirits and her ancestors. If you show an interest in spirit magic in general, she'll help you on your journey and studies-
-Felinae lore and history of the Bronzelief clan-
Finally, we come to you
The kids!
Who you are and what you are:
-You were born and raised in Osrona-
-One of you will be human while the other is a Felinae-
-Due to Kali's cursed bloodline, you'll start with wild and potent Blood magic-
-The name of the child will be up to you to decide! Same goes for Gender-
-The Blade Akeldama will potentially be yours to wield in the future. Only those with Agana blood can truly wield its bloody prowess.-
-You will be able to spawn in on the year 1873
If you have an interest in playing one of these twins, DM either me or Poppy on Discord for more information.
Kali: Mat13295#3935
Poppy: AbstractTraitorHero#6832
A felinae twin has been chosen! The human twin is still up for grabs.
Both children have been accepted!
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