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Quote:Deep within the coat emerges a small religious sect. They call themselves the devouts of Naysien, the avenger. The few who've heard her name likely know little more than the basics. That she is the daughter of Garjling, sister of Vartuul, and has an appetite that exceeds even that of her father. The few that fly under the wing of this beast refer to themselves as the Ebonblooded.

Her loyal, her champions, and the carriers of her will.
The keeper of Naysien's eggs and voice of the sect. Their orders are second to only the Great Dragon herself.


Dragoons are those who've been deemed worthy enough to engage in battle alongside Naysien's children. This is determined by none other than the dragons themselves, no Herald can bestow this rank.

Black Priests:

Black priests are those who've learned all of Naysien's tenets, and have proven both their loyalty towards the sect, and their patron dragon. Many who earn this title have grown close enough to Naysien's brood to attain ebony wings of their own.

Acolytes have accepted Naysien's will, and have been formally accepted into the sect. It's their duty to spread Naysien's word, and prove that they're willing to devote themselves to the dragon and her Herald fully.

Those who seek to join the sect must first join as one of Naysien's lost children. It's their duty to prove to study the tenets, and prove that they're worthy of truly becoming a member of the Ebonblooded.
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"... Unto you who would beseech our Ebon Goddess, unto you who would seek a new path beneath her blackened skies? We extend our hands to you."
Quote:A tower serving as the new base of operations for the Ebonblooded has been carved out of the mountainside. It stands tall, far above the residential zoning within the Coat. It's used as shelter for Naysien's followers and her children, a temple, and site for blood sacrificial rituals. How cool!

With a proper place to serve Naysien now under their possession, the doors will be opening to all who wish to learn about the great ebony dragon.
-Revenge is the path chosen by those who revere Naysien; for she is Naysien, the avenger, the dreaded daughter of Garjling, the dragon of shadow and blood.
-Sacrifice is necessary. Be it direct offerings to the dragons of this realm, the death of an enemy on the battlefield, or offering essence to Naysien's fallen children.
-Strength is to be respected, but choosing to place strength above merit is heresy. A powerful fool is still a fool. A strong coward is still a coward.
-Naysien and her children are the Ebonblooded's primary dragons of worship, and it's her teachings that the Ebonblooded adhere to. To respect another dragon is expected. To place another deities words above her own once accepting her, is heresy.
-To accept her words and later abandon the flocks is heresy. Traitors to the cloth are treated as any other heretic.
-Immortality through any means that isn't a dragon is heresy. 
-Dragons are to be respected, dragon-slaying is of course, heresy.
-Defending yourself from a dragons wrath is reasonable, but picking an unnecessary fight with a dragon is heresy.
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"You wouldn't rest while your family starved... Would you?"

Once again the sounds of sorrowful souls and chains echo across the Therian Mountains. 
None other than a still budding sect of fanatical cultists extending their hands across Esshar.
The promise of a show and grand bloodshed in the name of their goddess, a feast of which dragon and mankind could come marvel.
As one, beneath her wings.
Sacrifice, in her name.

"Oh, and... Immortals need not even think of coming."

The Ebon Goddesses Hunger.
6 PM Est, Sunday.
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