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After a fateful letter, leading to a flurry of meetings amongst the current leadership, the Queen issues an announcement to the people of Osrona and the tribespeople of Moxtli. The world begins to turn on the inscriptions of ink.
Quote:"Shortly after the coronation I was informed of an event that had taken place outside of our walls. The Voice of Moxtli, Sibyl Cirque, has attacked and taken one of ours, a man named Laurence. From the report I received she has cast aspersions that we are weak, that we will do nothing, and will continue to be preyed upon by her and her ilk.

She has not seen the Osrona of today if she believes us to be weak, or if she believes we will abandon one of our own.

To the people of Moxtli, I will make the contents of this letter known. Sibyl Cirque attacked Laurence, and captured him. She used a small  round mechanical device not fully understood at this moment to drain something from him and other people she encounters. Additionally, she was seen conversing with Nikolai pyr Docro, claiming us to be weak and easy prey. And that she intends to use us for whatever ritual she is planning.

Amidst the evils that plague Esshar, I had no plans or animosity towards the tribespeople of Moxtli. As such I will make this clear.

Laurence is to be freed and returned to our walls immediately, should he still be held captive. Sibyl Cirque, I would recommend be examined, carefully, by the people within Moxtli. She is barred from Osrona and our lands, and should she be found and caught within them, will face trial and summary judgement from the Crown.

To those of you within Moxtli who do not support this, know that I have no desire to harm you and yours. My actions will show that.

But if you test the Pride of Osrona, you will find us to be more Lion than Mouse.

The line in the sand had been drawn. Osrona would not abandon its own.
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As the announcement arises from Osrona, the Voice of Moxtli returns to the temple where she sat in the Voice's throne for the tribes people to gather round awaiting a response.
Quote:"Mox' is not threatened by Os'.

Mox' will continue in pursuit o' it's goals. A grand ritual soon to be had.

We won't yield ta' a Queen who's incompetent 'n' relies on others for information 'n' strength.
I have a question for tha' people o' Osrona. When was tha' last time Arista proved her strength, her capabilities ta' be a leader no less a Queen? Her intelligence? Was it by name that she ascended to tha' throne? Now think about Lucinda. It seems that Os' is continuing to try and claim Moxtli as it's underling once more. Tha' tribes are no longer in tha' hands of tha' Meztins who would bow to Os'.
Don' be scared o' Os', fo' their ways o' confrontation is from behind closed doors, or when it is convenient fo' them. They lack tha' strength 'n' will, an' predation naturally follows. If tha' Queen wants Laurence, she can come an' get him herself. 

Tha' tribes await you, your highness."
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