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Sigurd Creagach and Theodore Sentis are a couple that is looking forwards to marry and have a nice life together with their adopted children. Although there is one thing that had bothered both of them. They are the last heirs of their family, which means that by biological means, if they were to die - so would their lineage.

The other thing that bothered them was that they always wanted to have the children of their own blood. Which is why... Theodore proposed a plan, he was willing to become a woman, like many people who live off genderswap potion in order to transition. Though sadly, these potions make you infertile... Sigurd is highly experienced Alchemist though!

So he started to go through many books at Starfall Academy. Countless nights he and his soon-to-be fiancé spent searching for the answer, that would allow them to create a potion of not only permanent genderswap, but also the one that would allow them to create a loving family. There was no lust involved, only thoughts about the future family. 
Big, happy, and loving family.

After the research was done, Sigurd was able to find the forest where he could take the needed materials to create magichemical reactions and make the needed formula that in theory, could give them what they both wanted! Family! Problem was, that this forest is notoriously known to be an extremely dangerous place, but love knows no limits.
Sigurd would take the strongest people he had met in his lifetime, as well as his fiance and set off to find these alchemical materials!

Attendees: Sigurd Creagach,Theodore Sentis, Sohan, Xinion Chrono, Ehren Kriyer, Seirya Karizo
Risk: CoD or HCOD
Rewards: Perma genderswap potion materials, rest can be discussed with the DM!
DM: Found

Date: TBD
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