Username850A Suwuper Guide To Journal Preparation
Hello, I am here to assist with relieving some anxiety surrounding Journals, as many new players view it as a daunting task.

Do you spend hours crawling through your logs looking for relevant information before journaling? Not anymore you don't, with this simple trick.

All you need is a computer with a note keeping software of your choice, notepad, Microsoft word if you're fancy.

An example:
[Image: Screenshot_2021-08-04-04-00-37-72.jpg]

Step 1: Name the file your character's name
Step 2: When you are involved in a scene you think will be important and even MIGHT go in your journal, write a brief (or long if you care) summary of the event, with the date (important, make the date Americano, even if it is a completely idiotic dating system, month day year, why?) and the IC Year, a word or sentence used at the beginning of the encounter (important) and optionally include what Dev it is for hiddens.

Step 3: Now that it is time for you to do your journal you can simply go to the date in your notes, ctrl + F and enter the word or sentence you highlighted to easily find the beginning of the scene, and drop that MF into whatever Pastebin esque sight you are using.
And that's really it, you just saved yourself valuable time when you finally decide to make a journal, and for those asking when they should make their first journal post?

I recommend for a character that started at 13, to make their first post at 18, you should have more than enough logs to get your first hidden by that point, good luck, have fun, mwa xx
for further journal Preparation read Theori's guide here.

If all is well, this will be formatted correctly..
Hello! In addition to this, I'd like to provide an example of a similar thing I personally do! As many of you do, I have a personal discord server for uploading images quickly, among other things. This is it!
[Image: iYRSBsk.png]

Now, in addition to uploading pictures and reaction images, it's also a fairly quick way to store information in an application I always have opened! In the image below, I show how I actually store the information for my logs- The character name, followed by the date, what happened, and a keyword to find it quickly! Similar to what was shown above, but ultimately different. There are tons of ways to make log collection easier on yourself, be it one of these ways or coming up with your own unique method!

[Image: EP4Ofej.png]
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