What race are you currently running and why?
Ookami is fun
I end my tedtalk
Nah I just think wolf things are cool and wild nature is poggers, I otherwise am just a human normie lmao
[Image: WATCH_OUT_YIRAS_Dandeli.png][Image: unknown.png]oh shit ohfuck god no pls
Human, only Human
felinae, because my parents never loved me
[Image: unknown.png]
Human, cause this was my first character in a while and i wanted a blank slate with basic lore. Also, free 20 pow
Okay so like, two of my characters are human, one of their story had ended and they got RB'ed into a Dullahan, however...

Why Dullahan is so cool to play?

Dullahans can be pretty much anything, from animated armor, to a wandering spirit bound to physical world. The amount of flavor you can slap on that race is just amazing. Your backstory that you don't remember plays a big part as well, you can hint it in your RP! By putting small lines there and there, it gradually reveals what your character was when they were still alive. Small bits, that show that you are just a shard of your former self, broken shard, but not completely lost yourself!

As for my second point, Dullahans give the vibe that you can not achieve with any other race.

I play tall, Armed/Blood/Fire Dullahan, who is menacing, battlepogging, and slightly wholesome force of nature. His roleplay is exactly the vibe I was trying to achieve.

A force of nature, raid boss, dark souls vibes.

In my humbe opinion, anyone who plays Eternia should try making a Dullahan, or at least play Shadowmire character after they RB!
Human technically Skeleton!

Because I never want to get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride, because it's challenging RP with a lot of natural roadblocks to it, because it makes the triumph of overcoming strife feel even more earned and because it looks dope.
Right now Human,

I think Human is fun because well.. They can technically develop into other races and have almost limitless potential! It's remarkable for storytelling to become something from starting out as a Human in my opinion. For example, look at Nidaz, Look at Vampires as well as other great stories that started from being Humans in Eternia history!
“A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory... a far-off memory that's like a scattered dream... I want to line the pieces up... yours and mine.”
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