MutesToCryLet the Shadow Hunt Begin!
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Shadow Hunt begins

With the time of Esshar's descent into madness, there are Witches and Vampires running amok, cities turning to ruin, and death walking in people's clothing. This is a joyous time to show that the lands of the people are slowly, yet surely, turning towards a darker set of years. Time and money are of the essence to some. Wrath and Pride to others, yet.....isn't that something everyone strives for? The time of the Summer is coming slowly to an end and even then, the smell of rotten flesh and seared bone doesn't leave the people's noses. For that very reason of grief, turmoil, and stress, there is a way to settle it for a select few.

Welcome to the Shadow Hunt, a spin-off of the famously proclaimed 'Shadow Games'. This 'hunt' is a gracious event hosted by a rival group of the
Penumbra Organization. The Hunt is quite simple, a select group of people is chosen at a first-come, first-serve motive. You will have one hour, ONLY one hour, to defeat and best the Penumbra's own Island of monsters to bash, defeat, and kill to your heart's content. There is no need to worry, you can come and KILL all that you want without any sort of punishment. Think of it like....a purge, cleaning away at a blight you hold so dear. A hexad group is required to attend this hunt of ours. Yet there will only be allowed 3 at a time. We will round up new...fodder to have in future installments, yet let me explain the rules so I don't bore you with more...drawl.

With this hour, you and your hexad will traverse the island and defeat as many monsters as you can, but be warned that this hunt is not 'one-sided'. There is danger in these lands and only the strong-willed can come out rich. Yes, you can come here and be rich with POWER! Come and kill beasts capable of toppling CITIES! Even come to bask in what sort of power you can grab from them and more. With an hour, you can find all that you can and REAP the benefits. But, do not assume you will leave empty-handed. So what do you say? Will you join the first Shadow Hunt?

Or will you wallow in sorrow?

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Quote:OOC: This event is on a first come first serve basis for the first installment. Please note you must fill out this sheet to be entered. This is a time trial, one team gets to go in at one time and fights monsters until the time is up. Once finished you will be given your items. Any monsters you kill will not be avaliable for anyone else, so you get to keep your special item since it will be one of a kind for the moment. This is a 'monster bash' with a spin on it. I thank Chance for allowing me to host this. I will also say that the group that goes in should make a group and add me; MuteX#7630, if you are chosen. This is first come first served so first three teams that are signed up go first. 

Team Name:
Participants: (Must list all Six)
Time/Date best for all:
Favorite movie reference:
Team Name: Shadowblazers (Subject to change)
Participants: Runihura, Grizzt Gordan, Ethia Alcast, Destiny Argyris, Acheron Erebus and Achilles Gelmont
Time/Date best for all: TBD
Favorite movie reference: Keep your legs straight when you hit the water!
Discord: Liraz#5556
Team Name: Bravely Adventurous!
Participants: Ehren, Sohan, Theodore, Sigurd, Rikkit, Snow
Time/Date best for all: 9th of August, 7AM EST or 3PM EST
Favorite movie reference: "Believe in me who Believes in you."
Team Name: The Hunters Association
Participants: Aelrin ven Astor,Tirius Multhunder, Kali Agana, Faye Sionnach, Minos, Saga Gelmont
Time/Date best for all:TBD
Favorite movie reference: Surprise mother***ker!
Discord: Aegis#2740
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Shadow Blazers (Team 1)
These ragtag team managed to walk away with the most items out of the group, but from their hard work, they managed to walk away.....mostly unscathed. actually they kind of got hurt but that's not OOOOOOOOUR fault. 

[Image: Gkwu7xX.png]
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[b][i][u]The Hunters Association (Team 2)[/u][/i][/b]

These SAVAGES killed tons of those cute chubby creatures. Did you know that the crystal on their head can be made into rock candy? No? Well, it's going to be harder to do so with how many they slaughtered.....It was wonderful~ Though they were the main reason we have to limit the kills on those critters. The 'Mistress' didn't like the cute creatures being slaughtered so much. Though lets just say they are the Hunters Association for a reason~

[Image: Ixg8n5i.png]
[Image: 72qIBuy.png]
[Image: ESawxEO.png]

Bravely Adventurous! (Team 3)
Lets just say these folks were stuck with the scrap at the bottom of the barrel. Like I said, first some first serve, and oh did they enjoy beating out of a whole queen~!
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